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Random House - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Date: Enrique’s Journey Introduction Enrique's Journey is a documented story of resilience, determination and indomitable spirit of hope, depicted by a teenage boy in search of his mother in a country faraway. Despite the danger and the series of threats posed by the journey, the teenage boy has made up his mind to overcome all odds, just to ensure that he reunites with his mother after eleven years of being apart (Nazario, 1)…
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Random House
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Extract of sample "Random House"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the story is written, simply to paint a positive side on the illegal immigration saga, often painted in bad light and insensitivity, through documenting the resilience, courage and determination that it takes to brace the journey. This way, it opens an avenue for further scrutiny into the issue of illegal immigration, paving way for further societal engagement and alternative policy formulation. Analysis Reading this story, one thing remains clear; the immigration of children and mothers from the nearby countries into the United States, though illegal, no doubt remains acceptable, logical and justifiable, when perceived from the eye of humanity, compassion and reason. Poverty, abuse and domestic violence remain the common denominator for most of the illegal immigrants that flocks the USA every year ((Nazario, 112). This is especially true for children who must always device means of reuniting with their parents, after a long period of separation, which eventually tears down all the walls of patience. No wonder therefore, that 75% of the unaccompanied children in a detention center in Texas holding children caught by the INS illegally migrating into the USA, are seeking for their mothers (Nazario, 1). Different individuals may have different reasons for illegally immigrating into another country. However, it is only the ones with logical, justified and courageous hearts, who will withstand all the challenges posed by the immigration journey. Trekking the 1600 miles from Honduras to the USA, especially for an illegal immigrant is a journey that many would find not worth taking. There is virtually no comfort in such a journey, which greatly involves clinging on sides and tops of freight trains, unless one is the greeted with the kindness of strangers, who are on route to the country for different reasons, other than running away from the unbearable circumstances in their motherland. The journey is pretty hard for those immigrating from Mexico, but even harder for those emigrating from other regions like Enrique (Nazario, 2). It is therefore apparent that those seeking the fun of trekking will not withstand the harsh and hostile conditions characterized by the journey, and thus would opt not to make such attempts. Most of the illegal immigrants, and especially those who are children, brace the journey, since it is the only option they have left. Therefore, the author of the story seeks to document all the challenges involved in the immigration journey, through the exemplification of Enrique, who represents a thousand other children, apparently to tell the world that there is more than just the illegality of the migration. Thus, the story raises various critical questions. Is the emigration of children from Central America and Mexico into the USA justifiable? Can the society do something to avert the suffering endured by children left by their parents in sear’s border be reconciled with the need to avert the horrendous experiences borne by immigrant children in search of their parents? The eminent risks of death, cruelty and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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