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Pacquiao Phenomenon in Philippines - Research Paper Example

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Name 9 May 2011 The Pacquiao Phenomenon in the Philippines Introduction The whole country is abuzz talking about what they consider as the big fight, even months before the big day itself. Big named politicians, wealthy scions and socialites scramble just to get live seats for every bout that he is engaged in…
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Pacquiao Phenomenon in Philippines
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"Pacquiao Phenomenon in Philippines"

Download file to see previous pages The military even once announced a ceasefire against a rebel group just so they could watch a fight of his. Also, it has already been a running joke among the locals that no crime is committed during the day of his fight since all the crooks and thieves would be watching as well. This is quite true in a way because during every match of his, the crime rate for that day drops enormously. Furthermore, he is very much loved and revered in the Philippines, to the point that a movie was even made about his life. On the day of each fight, people who would not have the opportunity to watch him live would either flock into the cinemas, restaurants, and bars just to catch a glimpse of his boxing prowess. Even public gyms and halls in all towns and cities are turned to theatre cinemas, the government obviously making sure that everyone would not miss such a monumental event. While the fight is ongoing, the streets would closely resemble a ghost town since everyone is basically glued to a computer, television, theatre, or white screen, watching and scrutinizing every move that he makes inside the ring. In the country, every punch that he connects against the opponent is greeted with wild shrieks and shouts of approval from his countrymen. And when the fight is won, the country would be in a very festive mood, talking about the match, even weeks after it has happened. Every time he arrives home to his beloved Philippines after a fight, he is greeted with a heroes welcome. Even the President has to have a photo-op with him. He would parade around towns and cities, and his presence would be greeted with resounding approval from each and every citizen. Back at his hometown, people would flock outside his mansion, waiting for “balato” or money from his earnings. Being a kind hearted and generous person, he would gladly give to his fellow countrymen (Torre, “Political Punch”). Every person definitely wants to have a piece of him. This proud Filipino and future boxing hall of famer has graced numerous magazine covers, advertised foreign and local products, gained accolades for his remarkable boxing talent, and is currently holding the position of congressman in the Philippine legislature. This contemporary phenomenon is no other than Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Pacquiao: The Life of a Champion Boxing is not a career that people would normally take in the Philippines because in the country, boxers would normally start poor, gain money and fame, and exit in the same condition as they started. Manny was born in a life that was mired in poverty. His father having abandoned them, his mother had to singlehandedly support the whole family, taking on odd jobs, which barely amounted to enough money to support all the Pacquiao siblings. At an early age, Manny had to take on jobs, selling food and bread on the streets while studying, just to help in the household expenses. At the age of 14, he secretly left General Santos, his hometown, for Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In Manila, he continued working and eventually started his boxing career (Chua-Eoan and Tharoor, “The Meaning and Mythos of Manny Pacquiao”). That was way back. He currently holds eight tittles in different divisions. Nowadays, Manny is considered as one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world, even making it to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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