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Running Head: Research Paper Assignment Research Paper Assignment: Safety Risk of Crash Associated with Road Haulage University Name Subject Name Instructor Name Research Paper Assignment: Safety Risk of Crash Associated with Road Haulage The sphere of risk management can be utilized to facilitate several strategic business and technical decisions in the context of process improvement and cost reduction methodology with a focus on safety and health…
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Download file to see previous pages The global outlook advocates ample coordination between the various safety departments (Manuele, 2005). This paper will explore the scope of a coordinated approach to address the crash risks in relation to road haulage. Globalization has increased the volume of freight, and road transportation is a prime area of focus. Since the haulage systems are not fully mechanized or computerized, focus on the human factor is essential. The paper aims to evaluate the risk of crashes entailed in haulage along with scrutiny of research, regulation, regulation, and awareness in this field. It also looks into the current and future risk mitigation measures. In this paper, a specific safety risk has been selected. It is the safety risk of crash associated with road haulage. The history of how the mitigation of this risk has been addressed in research studies, regulation, and public awareness campaigns has been researched and analyzed. Also, the findings are summarized, current risk mitigation efforts are evaluated, and recommendations are made for the future. The business of road haulage depends on the fleet of Lorries that are used for general and long distance haulage across the United States and to the countries like Mexico and Canada. Risk assessment and management for the drivers involved in this kind of transportation business is critical. The safety risk is mainly centered on the crash possibilities. Again, the risk of a dangerous road crash during haulage depends on certain important factors. There is a technical difference between the terms risk and hazard. Risk is generally considered as combining a hazard with its associated probability (American Society of Safety Engineers, 1990). Safety risk involved in road haulage depends on certain hazards associated to their possibilities, especially in the case of crash possibilities. The risk of crashes in road haulage can be evaluated on the basis of certain factors of hazards in combination with their high possibility and occurrence. Dangerous goods transportation is a primary consideration. Accident of a truck carrying fertilizers or explosive chemical cannot only injure the driver but damage the locality and environment as well (Fabiano et al, 2002). Hand held cell phone use during driving is also a prominent risk factor (McCartt and Hellinga, 2007). Possibility of collisions with other vehicles particularly at the intersections is another serious risk. The driver’s age is an important consideration in this regard (Mayhew et al, 2006). Driver fatigue, particularly during the long haul, is another risk factor entailed in the crash possibilities of road haulage. Mitigation of a safety risk is possible of course. History of mitigation of risks in regards of road haulage is interesting indeed. In the case of road haulage, combined effort from the authorities concerned with occupational safety and highway security is necessary. In 1970, the Williams-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH act) was passed. “The act allowed national collection of OHS statistics for the first time. Occupational safety and health standards are put out by the Department of Labor and take legal precedence over state laws and regulations.” (Taylor et al, 2004: 114) Thus, an inter-state framework for the safety of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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