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Introduction The ability to create cultural artifacts within society and to show this as a reflection of different idealists is the main objective of many films and pieces of art. In the movie, “Catfish,” there is a component of reflecting the values in society as well as the several changes which have been made within the culture…
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Download file to see previous pages When evaluating the movie in these terms, it is one which can be seen as the accepted and rejected ideologies of structure that are currently within society. Justification The popularity of “Catfish” is one which continues to grow in society, specifically because of the initial responses which occurred from the audience and critics within society. The movie is important for two reasons. The first is that it shows today’s culture and the way in which it is constructed in terms of relationships, identity and technology. The second is from the reaction which occurred in society, specifically which led to widespread popularity not for the movie, but instead because of the majority of individuals which would not believe that the movie was realistic. These two constructs show that there is an important rhetoric which links to the movie and which provides an understanding of how identity is currently formed within society. A majority of Catfish’s audience were angry with the filmmakers and with the film’s advertisement campaign. Critics were saying this is the type of film Alfred Hitchcock would direct, but this is clearly not the type of movie he would be involved in. Trailers for the film “hinted of Blair Witch Project-like-shaky-hand horror.” (Tech Cocktail). Many people questioned the documentary’s credibility as well calling it a hoax and believing it was set-up, as opposed to being a genuine documentary. Most stated that they would not be able to admit or believe that the outcome from the movie could be true or whether it was another deception from the filmmakers. Many believed that, since the film was about deception, the filmmakers also had the same deceiving commentary with the documentary. The strong debates which came out of the movie, as well as the power which this particular film had are the important elements to look at with the rhetorical criticism as well as the understanding of society and culture in reaction to the movie. The attention which “Catfish” has brought proves that the topic remains relevant to study at this particular cultural moment because it encompasses many aspects of our use of the Internet and how it has changed not only how we communicate, but how it has changed our lives completely. With the advent of social media, sites such as Facebook have changed the world and the ways in which we communicate with others on a global scale. Catfish draws in on how the Internet, Google, Facebook and etc. can impact our lives in so many different ways. It speaks volume about our current times, specifically in regards to online dating and how it can have a negative impact on our lives. We never really stop to think about its downsides and its dangers. The Internet has made our lives so much easier and we have access to infinite amounts of information at the tips of our fingers. There is little reason for any to question the tool, specifically because it is now believed to be revolutionary making many blind about some of the realities which come with the use of the tool.   The Internet, online dating, and social media networks are things that a majority of the world’s population uses on a daily basis for just about everything and anything. The urgency; however, is the way in which it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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