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Lack of Diversity in Prison Staff - Research Paper Example

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Lack of Diversity in Prison Staff Introduction: Despite the fact that in the contemporary age, women have gained increased representation in the staff of the jails, how they think about the correction work in prison is very different from the approach of the men in general, though women’s perceptions largely remain uninvestigated…
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Lack of Diversity in Prison Staff
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"Lack of Diversity in Prison Staff"

Download file to see previous pages As a result of their study, Nicholas and Mary (1993) were able to find quite a lot of likenesses and differences in the perceptions of work in prison among the staff members which were influenced by their gender. In order to enhance workers’ motivation for work, it is imperative that their gender based requirements are taken into consideration and the policies are designed accordingly. Women bring diversity in work force in terms of gender. Benefits obtained from this variation in the corrections profession can only be maximized by paying heed to the perceptions of women along with men. There are several obstacles in the way of providing jailed students with education that is effective as well as consistent with their individualistic needs. The environment within prison is a result of the strict requirements of security. Prisoners are locked up, and are monitored all time. They are counted and are carefully supervised. These traits of the culture prevalent in jails impose a lot of difficulties in the way of learning for imprisoned students. Too many restrictions do not leave any supportive element in the environment in a jail for studies. The prison staff places much more stress on punishing the imprisoned children than encouraging them to change their habits for the better. This behavior of the prison staff plays a big role in marginalizing education in jail. This is the fundamental reason why education and learning is seen by many imprisoned students as something beyond the allowable limits. Most of the education provided to imprisoned students is of the most basic level. In a vast majority of cases, these students are provided with little to no higher education at all. Education and learning, in general, is understood by both the staff working in a prison and the imprisoned lot as an “elite” task (Watts, 2010). In his research, Watts (2010) made an attempt to explore the hindrances commonly experienced by students in the way of gaining higher education when they are imprisoned in a conventional jail setting. The research was particularly focused on studying the various practical and organization specific limitations encountered by the educators while they tend to provide the imprisoned students with education in a completely non-conventional and dangerously absurd learning environment. Watts (2010) particularly found that one-to-one teaching method greatly enhances a student’s capacity to learn in the sort of environment that is conventionally cultivated in jails. With the changes in the demographics in United States, the programs offered in jails which are directed at the rehabilitation of the imprisoned people have been heavily affected. According to the information recorded by the US Census, the population of minority in jails would transform into a majority till 2010 (Marshal, 2001). Female inmates in prison that used to be a minority in the past are readily increasing on a yearly basis as a result of the reflection of United States in the imprisoned population. Only over the course of one decade ending 2001, the population of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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