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How Christianity shaped the colonization of the New World - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: How “Christianity” shaped the colonization of the New World. Introduction The concept of this thesis, questioning the Christianity stand of the Native Americans is a subjective debate. This is a subjective matter or subjects since the changes in Christianity are brought out due to civilization…
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How Christianity shaped the colonization of the New World
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Download file to see previous pages this concept is so wrapped around with the misconception, if not premeditated efforts to have it seem either less or more important to native people than it actually is, that getting it directly, even precisely expressed, seems to be a task nearly impossible to accomplish. People of European origin who harbor no exacting ill-will toward Native American have a tendency to over-emphasize the notion of the Great Spirit because it makes some people seem more Christians than others. Some even propose that it is but a little step from belief in a Great Spirit to faith in the one, true God of Judeo Christian custom. At the same time, individuals who still anchorage the hope of our ultimate annihilation point to the notion as one that proves we still persevere in worshipping the devil, an article they see as a Great Spirit with authority over a pack of evil spirit who intimidates the existence of a Christianized civilization itself. Neither situation can be said to conserve any truth whatsoever with regard to Native American culture. This tries to guide in understanding the thesis of this essay, which question Native Americans concept on Christianity (Beardsley, pgs 463). Spanish Conquistadors The famous Spanish conquistadors, who were tremendously active throughout the Age of Exploration to the new civilization, impacted the process of civilization in regards to Christianity. In fact, thy were so well skillful and victorious in their efforts that they were directly accountable for a large part of the eastern zest trade, as well as creating massive wealth for their state of Spain.  Gold and spices along with the unearthing of silver made Spain a powerful nation. The name conquistadors imply conquer, which is precisely what these men accomplished.  The Spanish conquistadors were faithful soldiers and explorers, dedicating their lives to the improvement of their favorite Spain.  The Muslim Moors lost charge of the Iberian Peninsula to these soldiers after 800 years of conflict.  This particular victory, referred to as the reconquist, entailed of Holy War fighting.  The Spanish soldiers and explorers travelling the journey to the New World possessed the name of conquistador. In addition to the prosperities enjoyed by the gold, spice, and silver commercial activities the Spanish conquistadors had other motivations.  For example, they sought to grasp a position of power and prestige, key fundamentals to building the Spanish territory (Abler, pgs 1-2).  Additionally, the conquistadors needed to convert natives to the Catholic religion; Christianity, which is why ministers always traveled with the explorers. The Spanish conquistadors took the Indians as being savage.  The exploitation and oppression associated with the populace became recognized as the Encomienda System, which was alike to the Medieval Feudal structure.  In spite of, the objective was to penetrate the Indian communities with religion so they would transform.  However, while the conversion progression was taking place, the Spanish conqu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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