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How Did Colonization of the Americas Both Enrich And Weaken European Countries - Essay Example

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The discovery and the colonization of America have contributed to the increase in the enjoyments of European countries, as well as the augmentation of the industries in Europe. This paper focuses on ways in which the colonization of America both enriched and weakened European countries…
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How Did Colonization of the Americas Both Enrich And Weaken European Countries
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"How Did Colonization of the Americas Both Enrich And Weaken European Countries"

Download file to see previous pages The Europeans carried out farming in these lands belonging to Americans and shipped the farm proceeds back home. This played a phenomenal role in ensuring that food shortage could not be experienced in the European countries. Therefore, European countries benefitted from carrying out farming in land belonging to Americans (Kicza, 2003). During the time of colonizing America, English, Basque, and French fishing fleets arrived and regularly visited the coasts of Cape Cod and Newfoundland. The fishing fleets set up semi-permanent camps to dry their catches on the coasts. In addition, these fleets were involved in trade with local Indians, which was of immense benefits to the European countries. They exchanged manufactured goods for commodities such as furs, thus encouraging and contributing to trade activities in Europe. Therefore, the European countries enriched themselves by acquiring fishing grounds in America and gaining commodities not produced in Europe (Picket & Picket, 2011). During the conquest and the subsequent colonization of America by European countries, Europe benefitted immensely as they were able to provide for their large population. European countries that conquered America attained land, which they used to grow crops such as tobacco that could be sold in Europe; for example, the colony of Jamestown was used for tobacco growing. Tobacco from this colony was exported to England by 1619. The Europeans also benefitted from the cheap labor available in America. For example, Native American Indians could be enslaved and used to provide labor in the farms belonging to the European settlers. Furthermore, African Americans sold during the Atlantic slave trade acted as cheap sources of labor in the farms of European settlers (Mancall, 1995). Countries...
This paper approves that the Colonization of America weakened the European countries in a number of ways. One of the ways in which the colonization weakened the European countries included loss of some of their cultural beliefs as they got influence from America. Issues of gender in Europe mainly centered on patriarchy while most of the Americans used to be matriarchal. Colonization of America weakened the culture of patriarchy, which was a common phenomenon in Europe. As a result, European countries were forced to accept some of the aspects of the American culture, such as matriarchy, which used to be traditionally unacceptable in the European cultures. The colonization of America by European countries led to the American Revolution, which culminated the rule of Britain in North America.
This report makes a conclusion that European countries reaped immense benefits from the colonization of America. Through colonization of America, they acquired resources and essential raw materials that could be used in European industries. They also carried out trade easily between themselves by colonizing America. However, there were ways in which the European countries were weakened by colonization of America. These countries invested a lot of their resources to fight and conquer the colonies. This weakened their economies and quality of life in Europe. These countries were also involved in constant wars between themselves as each country strived to exercise control over America. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Did Colonization of the Americas Both Enrich And Weaken European Essay)
How Did Colonization of the Americas Both Enrich And Weaken European Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1456517-how-did-colonization-of-the-americas-both-enrich-and-weaken-european-countries.
“How Did Colonization of the Americas Both Enrich And Weaken European Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1456517-how-did-colonization-of-the-americas-both-enrich-and-weaken-european-countries.
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