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Social Influences On Behavior/Gen Psych - Research Paper Example

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Social influences Abstract This paper attempts to acknowledge about the human behavior, its stage of changes according to specific situations, influence of human behavior on the society and role of society in building human character…
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Social Influences On Behavior/Gen Psych
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Download file to see previous pages It is the man's thinking power which is helpful in building his character and gives him some moral values in society. There are many reasons which built human character. Some are inherited but the basic reasons are family interaction and influence of the society he/she lives. Childhood environment is the initial stage for a child when his character builds. Parent's behavior and family environment influences the child's character. There no direct influence of the society on child. The school life is the first step when child goes outside have to live as an individual person. The society in which he lives plays a major role in for his character. Most of the things he adopts from the society. Human character/nature and society both are interconnected to each other. As Robert Trivers (1985) says" every body has a social life". The mental element of the person make him recognized in the society and the social events and happenings bring changes in one's nature. One has to face many types of situations in his life which leave a strong impact on his mind. The experiences develop his mental approach. The general and abstract values of the society are remarkable in influencing the human interaction with the society. One likes to communicate with that group of people which match with his requirements, feelings, thinking and according to his standard. It is personal norm which establish expectations and that shape interactions. It is not difficult to agree that one enjoys the society of his own type. Everybody prefers to live in that society which is according to his demands and mental approach. One can influence the society in many aspects but the most considerable aspect is his mental influence. It is not like physical aspect but it is the ability to cope with the situations and strong observing power. Every situation and requirement has its individual settings. When a group of people interact with each other during work then there mode of interaction is different from the situation when they meet as a friend. This is because of the type of situation they are meeting. Each situation demands different behavior. We can understand this by the simple example that when a teacher interacts with the student in classroom then his behavior is very much different from the situation when he guides him as coach of cricket team of the school. Two friends gossiping while taking tea talk differently from when they interact as colleagues in the office. The behavioral change occurs in two stages of life. One when a person is at the stage of learning. He is just in process of developing his life career. It is his school stage to last level of his study. Other stage is when he takes step in his career and practical life. There are many stage and theories of behavior change and these stages are not unitary (linear) but has a cyclic order. Procheska and DiClemente (1986) propose a model of behavior change. Human behavior changes in five different stages (Procheska DiClemente model for behavioral change). These are 1. Pre-contemplation: The earliest stage of the change and mostly people are not considering the change. They often do denying or ignoring the problem. 2. Contemplation: it is the stage when people become aware of the problem and consider it as some matter of fact. However they are not still in mood of action. 3. Preparation: here people have some intention to bring a slight change in the behavior. 4. Action: now at this stage people finally decide to change there behavior to handle the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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