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This paper will deal with sequences of thought, feelings, and deeds that are maladaptive, disruptive, either for the bipolar patient; treatment options will also be discussed in this paper…
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Psych Case Formulation on Bipolar patient
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Download file to see previous pages Bipolar patients experience recurrent episodes of high or elevated moods; characteristics of mania and depression states. Bipolar disorder symptoms can lead to broken relations, and even suicide. Individuals who experience the combination of major depressive episodes and mania are diagnosed with bipolar I disorder, and individuals who experience the combination of major depressive episodes and hypomania are diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. Bipolar illness is a long term condition that can be managed throughout the lifetime of a patient; enabling the patient to lead a healthy life. This paper will deal with sequences of thought, feelings, and deeds that are maladaptive, disruptive, either for the bipolar patient; treatment options will also be discussed in this paper. Clinical data regarding to bipolar disorders is used by most researchers, who follow the bio-psychosocial approach. Bipolar disorder is a psychological disorder, analyzing it requires the combination and interaction of biological factors, psychological process, and socio-cultural contexts. According to a survey performed by Kessler et al (2005), bipolar disorder develops in an individual’s late teens or early adult life, before the 25 years. A small percentage of bipolar patients experience their initial symptoms during childhood while a larger percentage develops symptoms later on in life. It is very hard to make a diagnosis of bipolar disorder during its onset. This can be better explained by the neurobiological model which focuses on genetic influences and biological disturbances in the brain. Most individuals go through so much anguish for years before they are correctly diagnosed and treated. This study also proved that this mood disorder may be due to problems in the frontal lobes, hippocampus, and other brain parts associated with moods. Imbalanced of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin according to research is one of the causes of late onset of bipolar disorders. Current completed epidemiological research has approximated the lifetime occurrence of bipolar I and II disorders in the general population to be 3.7%–3.9% (Hirschfeld et al, 2003; Kessler et al, 2005). The frequency in samples of patients displaying depression is much higher, ranging from 21% (Hirschfeld et al, 2005) to 26% (Manning et al, 1997) in primary care settings, and from 28% (Hantouche et al, 1998) to 49% (Benazzi, 1997) in psychiatric clinics. A study conducted by Hirschfeld et all (2000) on the development and validation of a screening instrument for bipolar spectrum disorder recommended the mood disorder questionnaire. Results from this study proved that the use of screening equipment, such as the Mood Disorder Questionnaire, can significantly improve recognition of individuals with bipolar illness, particularly among depressed patients. These results aid in the displaying of bio-psychosocial elucidations, which emphasize the impact of anxiety, negative thoughts, and other psychosocial and emotional responses. From the questioner, the way the participants thought about their stressors indicated the likelihood of a mood disorder. A study funded by the national institute of mental health, conducted by Frank et al (2005) revealed the likelihood of relapse due to psychosocial intervention. Careful attention is paid to the social and cultural factors that form the context, or background of abnormal behavior. From the data obtained, psychosocial inte ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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