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Thirty nine years old Sarah has approached the emergency department wishing to be assessed for her mental health having been troubled by mood swings from highs to lows for the past five years (Bipolar Disorder, 2005, p. 3). Episodes of mania and depression have been troubling…
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Case study for client with bipolar disorder mental health assessment
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Download file to see previous pages Experiencing the growing disharmony in their married life, the husband has decided that it is time for an intervention for Sarah. Threatened with divorce, Sarah has now understood her position and agreed for an assessment: she really wishes to put an end to the troubles she is causing and agreed to take therapy to reduce the risk of harmful behavior.
A comprehensive clinical assessment needs to be made. After ascertaining the details of the history of her illness, information as to what triggered her first episode would be obtained. She had been upset after the death of her father whom she had doted upon. The assessment of her needs would be elicited from this initial health history which would bring relevant information about her past episodes and present state. The care plan would then be drawn up keeping in mind the necessity to prevent Sarah from having the repeated episodes. She needs to be offered the chance of a positive outcome. Her marital life must not suffer and she must learn how to adjust to the changes in her behavior. Continuous and repeated assessment which provides accuracy of details should enable a sound care plan to be devised (Elder, 2009, p. 174). A collaborative approach and effective therapy should be able to help her secure jobs and remain in the same job for long periods and also enjoy a secure harmonious married life. As mental illnesses are now treated within the community and not institutions, Sarah’ care plan should allow her to return to a normal life within the society.
A complete health history has to be elicited. Pre-existing surgeries, co-morbidities, drugs, allergies and family history of mental health disorders are some of the subjects enquired about. Early parental loss could be a risk factor for bipolar disorder (Mortensen, 2003, p. 1209). Family history of parents or siblings with bipolar disorder or another affective disorder increases the risk of bipolar disorder (Mortensen, 2003, p. 1211). Co morbidities in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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