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Exploring Behavioral and Perceptual Dynamics - Essay Example

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Top five societal factors responsible for increasing violent acts in the United States:
1. Communal Disparity and Discrimination: The fact cannot be negated that in United States race and ethnicity based disparity has always been an area of concern. …
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Exploring Behavioral and Perceptual Dynamics
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Extract of sample "Exploring Behavioral and Perceptual Dynamics"

Download file to see previous pages People endorse violent behaviors when they feel the society is being partial towards them. 2. Socio-Economic Status: Economic situation a vital role in determining the behavior of an individual in the society. The better the quality of life a person enjoys, the more satisfied and passive his behaviour will be and vice versa. 3. Familial Dynamics: Today, Americans are becoming more open towards defying the traditional picture of a perfect family. Apart from opting for nuclear family system, a trend of losing hope on partners almost immediately, committing infidelity, and being a single parent is gaining popularity. These acts profoundly affect family environment and kids who grow up in an incomplete surrounding, whether it is of abusive or reclusive nature, tend to release their frustrations through indulging in violent acts later on. 4. Media’s Role: The popularity of gangsters, goons and gangs in movies and presenting violent acts as casual or normal are key perpetrators of violent behaviors. 5. Free Flow of Alcohol and Drugs: The government has not been able to restrict the use of alcohol and drugs especially among teenagers. Such habits have a bad impact on the psyche of an individual (specifically youngsters) and they tend to become violent. Media Only Cannot Be Blamed: Gene Beresin and Steve Schlozman in their research concluded that “the assertion that violent video games and movies cause violent behavior has not been demonstrated by scientific research” (2012). This conclusion is very much agreeable because people who are aggressive and violent by nature get attracted towards violent materials such as movies not the other way around. Youngsters usually are constantly monitored by peers and parents and this means only those individuals who do not receive a protective environment around them are at risk of indulging into violent behaviors. Similarly, any type of abuse and oppression experienced during childhood promotes violence, depression and aggression later on. How Men and Women View Relationships: Men employ a casual approach in a relationship whereas women seek strong bondage, stability, protection and complete devotion. For men, women are more like a sex-partner whereas women think of sex as a sacred act. Women are sensitive and want a serious relation while men do not mind a no-strings-attached kind of an affair. Women require emotional support and sensitivity whereas men prefer a practical approach in a relation. Women think from their heart and men from head. Both genders by nature are wired differently and therefore, their preferences in a relationship also greatly differ. The Issue of Legal Representation for Cohabiting Couples: It is not a good approach to provide similar legal advantages for cohabiting couples as married couples enjoy. This will not put a question mark on the sanctity and significance of marriage as an institution. Then the terminology for legitimate and illegitimate child will have to be revised as well as the social perception about the requirement of getting married at all. Similarly, legalizing homosexual union has its fair share of pros and cons. Allowing homosexual marriage will also threaten the already shaking concept of marriage and will alter its legal definition altogether. Secondly, some sections of society may want legalizing of practices like incest and polygamy as a reaction to accepting homosexual union legally. On the other hand, allowing same-sex marriages will extend and recognize the individual’s basic human right for preferred sexual orientation and society will stop treating homosexuals as second-class citizens or abnormal beings. Aborting a human during First Trimester: Aborting a child should not be allowed because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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