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Argue a global issue presented in or surrounding your short story. How stereotyping or judging people affects our society. (base - Research Paper Example

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Class name Date assignment is due Title Gabriel Garcia Marquez's short story, The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World indirectly illustrates the global issue of stereotyping. Stereotyping based on appearance, skin color, slang, language and various other things are very common even in the modern world…
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Argue a global issue presented in or surrounding your short story. How stereotyping or judging people affects our society. (base
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Extract of sample "Argue a global issue presented in or surrounding your short story. How stereotyping or judging people affects our society. (base"

Download file to see previous pages We find the women of the village adoring the man, seeing his lovely face and body. The physical qualities of the man makes women attached to him. Villagers translate his physical qualities into his personality (Rabassa, 2010). Women of the village feel sympathy for him and thinks how good it would have been if the man was alive. Villagers feel for the man who is dead. The village people arrange grand funeral arrangements for the man only because he is handsome. The modern world has the same mindset as the people of this village; stereotyping is the core concept that rules the world. Prejudice and stereotyping corrupts relationships. Multicultural societies are under the curse of prejudice and discrimination. Considering the United States as an example we can find that prejudice is the most crucial feature of the society. It is nothing but prejudice that has caused discrimination, oppression and tensions among various racial and ethnic classes in the United States (Forbes, 2010). Prejudice results in racial profiling, alienation, housing segregation, dangerous ethnic jokes and various other problems (GLIMUN, 2009). Prejudice demolishes all types of fellowships. No relationship would abide in the presence of prejudice. The very word racism is defined as a prejudice that makes the members of one race feel themselves intrinsically superior than the members of another race (GLIMUN, 2009). Prejudice reflects segregation, and it has completely blocked the progress of the nation. The term ‘prejudice’ now symbolically represents the life of the negatively privileged minorities in the United States. This strange racial prejudice has resulted into an isolated, ill developed and racially segregated society that has encouraged racial mistrust, senseless conflicts and other discriminations that prevents the society from obtaining true racial equality (United Nations, 2010). Prejudice hinders cooperation and mutual respect and destroys relationships. Prejudice dissolves the good relationship between people of different race, ethnicity and nationality. Racial prejudice and segregation has resulted in systemic inequalities that stand as a barrier to the development (of the whole society) and personal improvement of individuals. Prejudice has contributed for the widening of the socio-economic gap between superior group (whites) and the minorities (blacks). Racial prejudice has led the nation to various curses like racial profiling. Racial profiling is an act from the side of police (or a private security practice) through which a person is religion unnecessarily suspected because of the inferior nature of his/her race, nationality, ethnicity or religion (Cole and Smith, 2010). Police officers often stop, check, and examine the vehicles of their victims (by force also) without any reason or proof about the misbehavior or criminality of the person (Cole and Smith, 2010) (Cleary, 2000). Racial profiling arises as a result of the wrong prejudice that the racially inferior people are likely to commit crimes (though it is not so). African-Americans and Latinos are the victims of racial profiling in most cases. Police has got a general belief that non-white people are mostly drug users and sellers. But studies (reports regarding police stops and checking) have revealed that people who are considered to be racially inferior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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