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Draft 3 - Research Paper Example

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The book One Hundred Years of Solitude depicts different critical interpretations brought about by the author’s artistic intentions that are partially obscured and the intention of the novel as a myth poetic vision yet to be established adequately. It also asserts that the…
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Research paper draft 3
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Download file to see previous pages It is actually marked by an increase in communication and getting in touch with with the rest of the world which in turn brings things such as movie theater running water, electricity and railroad. The characters survive on earth that is believed not to exist, while outside features of which they are not aware determine their future. The world in this novel is characterized by cyclical and repetitions. The important of the world in this novel is that it insightfully explores the role played by historical awareness on the part of the people living on the occasion. Additionally, it depicts the role that it may take in determining any history.
During that time Macondo was a village of approximately twenty houses, built on the bank of a river of clean water. For that reason many things than were within this village were deficient in names and it was necessary to point when indicating anything. As illustrated in the book, the elements of structure, form and theme relate and correspond with each other cohesively. The novel’s subversive function is derived by the dialectic synthesis of imaginary and real phenomenon together with the actual and potential mythological vision of Macondo.
The author Garcia Marquez attempts to reflect contradictions witnessed in the past century on historical development of the capitalist society as the central theme, solitude, illustrates the Marxist conception of alienation. This is defined as experiencing the world passively in form of a subject separated from the object (Garcia, 380). The characters in One Hundred Years of Solitude are in touch with themselves indirectly and are completely isolated from humanity. This implies that the Buendia family lack Mark’s view of species consciousness. The individuals are not only alienated from other men and women but also from humanity itself. Characters try to establish alien power over others in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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