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( Construction field ) differences between iron and steel - Research Paper Example

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Name of author: Differences between steel and iron “Looking back at the history, it is not exactly known when iron making technique was actually discovered. However, according to certain archaeological findings, iron was used in making tools in Egypt in 3000 BC” (Difference Between Iron and Steel)…
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( Construction field ) differences between iron and steel
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"( Construction field ) differences between iron and steel"

Download file to see previous pages In the absence of steel and iron, the manufacturing of automobiles and skyscrapers like the Burj Dubai (later named as Burj Khalifa) in Dubai was possible. Many people have the false belief that steel and iron are one and the same material. However steel and iron have lot of differences. This paper analyses the major differences between steel and iron in general and answers specifically the questions like how the various steel blocks are formed, how structural shapes are produced, how are the weights and thicknesses of a structural shape changed and the contrast the production of iron shapes and forms as well as the production of light-gauge members. The basic difference between steel and iron is the fact that iron is an element whereas steel is an alloy. To be more precise, steel is an alloy of carbon and iron even though iron is the major constituent of steel. The basic form of steel contains only carbon and iron; however, we can make the properties of steel different by adding other elements such as chromium, silicon, manganese etc. Stainless steel is produced by adding chromium to the ordinary steel in a particular ratio. The second difference between iron and steel lies in strength. ...
Roll forming, stretch forming, drawing, stamping, etc are some of the popular methods of sheet metal forming in steel industry. I-beam, Z-shape, HSS-shape, Angle (L-shape), Channel, Tee, etc are some of the major structural shapes produced out of steel which are used in the construction industry. The three most common types of structural members are the W-shape (wide flange), the S-shape (American Standard I-beam), and the C-shape (American Standard channel). These three types are identified by the nominal depth, in inches, along the web and the weight per foot of length, in pounds. W-shapes are used as beams, columns, truss members, and in other load-bearing applications. S-shapes are used less frequently than W-shapes since the S-shapes possess less strength and are less adaptable than W-shapes. The C-shape is not very efficient for a beam or column when used alone. However, efficient built-up members may be constructed of channels assembled together with other structural shapes and connected by rivets or welds (Structural Steel Construction Methods And Terms) Each shape has its own advantages in construction industry. It is impossible to use only a particular shape of structural steel in construction industry because of the diversified necessities. For example, the steel structure suitable for the foundation works may not be suitable for other works. For foundation works heavy weight steel structures are necessary whereas for other works, light weight steel structures are preferred based on the characteristics of a particular construction. Apart from steel, cast iron and wrought iron are the major industrial iron types. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(( Construction Field ) Differences Between Iron and Steel Research Paper)
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