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- Materials that are used to build a bridge debate & more - Essay Example

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It forms the basis of all construction works involving structures, roads and the laying down of utilities. This course is offered in a number of institutions which are accreditated by the chartered…
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Essay - Materials that are used to build a bridge debate & more
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Extract of sample "- Materials that are used to build a bridge debate & more"

Download file to see previous pages h can build for example: bridges, building and roads, to get well known with this major the person must take Bachelor Degree to start his career that the highest degree for Civil engineering is PhD, which takes many years to get this degree, the places where the civil engineering can work is in factories, government and companies, in factories the civil engineer can make maintenance for the petrol drilling area and facilities, for the government he can make the roads and bridges which is the same for the companies but the differences is the name of the work, many places gives sponsor to students to study civil engineering, the reason why I chose to study civil engineering because I have a huge interest in buildings also I like doing physical things instead of sitting in the office all day, in my country they are getting developed such as in roads, building and making bridges to make the traffic goes smoother and getting ready for 2022 world cup, and another reason that why I chose civil engineering is that I have many recommendations from my family as it is a wanted major these days and will have a good career in this major also talking to many civil engineers they told me it is really good job also working outside not sitting in the office all the time.
Liverpool John Moores University offers 4 years studying with foundation in order to graduate Civil Engineering as same as Northumbria University also both of them doesn’t have any optional modules to study like learning new language or taking a subject that isn’t relevant to the course, both them offers sandwich year which is taking break one year between second year and third year which is working for a whole year to a corporate or to a company and then go back to university and continue studying, also in comparing between these two university both of them offers part-time study which is taking less subject than the full-time study and also they will take much longer time to graduate depending on their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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