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Development of a Computer system application using 3GL tools & Design Phase - Research Paper Example

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The divisions are Hakimo business solutions, server and tools, and information worker department. Other departments are client, and mobile embedment department. The…
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Development of a Computer system application using 3GL tools Research Paper & Design Phase
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Extract of sample "Development of a Computer system application using 3GL tools & Design Phase"

Download file to see previous pages The mobile division of the company is meant to create mobile software products, whose main use are on mobile phones, and laptop computers. The division runs a series of two programs, each with a program manager, and a handful of highly qualified staff.
The program manager has the responsibility of developing an innovative idea concerning particular software, and he works together with his team. The Hakimo business department produces software’s for office applications. This software’s are to enhance effective communication within a company.
This division combines the services of employees at the business solution department and the mobile division of the company. This is because of the experience, and skills in their possession. The information department handles the public relations of the company, and the company’s main business strategy is to enter into a strategic alliance with large software companies.
3GLS stands for Third Generation Languages. It is a collection of programming languages that enhance the development of second generational languages. Examples of 3GLS tools are Pascal, the C family of languages and BASIC. A program developed by 3GL tools is referred to as a source code, which is converted by a specific program, known as the complier, to the object code. This code is recognized by a specific computer.
In developing this program, programmers use aggregate data types, and variable names, and they combine this with skills in defining parts of the code, into subroutines. 3GLS tools such as Fortran, Pascal and the C family enable a programmer to develop programs that are independent of a specific computer (Shooman, 2002). These languages are referred to as high level languages, because they are close to the language spoken by humans. These languages can run at any computer, and are not limited to specifics.
Programmers who use Pascal to develop computer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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