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English is seen by some as 'the global language'. Discuss with reference to some of the domains in which English is gaining most - Essay Example

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There are numerous nations and languages in the world. Till recently, they were compartmentalized to a great extent. However, the last few decades have led to leaping progress in communication technology. The national boundaries are being wiped out considerably…
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English is seen by some as the global language. Discuss with reference to some of the domains in which English is gaining most
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"English is seen by some as 'the global language'. Discuss with reference to some of the domains in which English is gaining most"

Download file to see previous pages It is interesting to discuss why English, and why not any other language. According to Crystal David (2003 ) a language achieves a global status only when it develops a ‘special role’ and fulfils certain functions. The ‘power function’ of language expects that it should enable us to gain goods and services in order to live well and lead a good life. The ‘community function’ of language helps us to represent a personal and social identity. The former is a centrifugal force and the latter is a centripetal force. Let us examine how far the English language is successful in playing the ‘special role’ which implies numerous facets, so that it can rightly be called an international language. One hypothesis can be that a language that is the Mother Tongue of people in maximum number of countries can be an international language. But geographically speaking, English is a mother tongue in a handful of nations like USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa several Caribbean countries and a few others. Yet, we observe that its influence has reached all parts of the world. Hence, being a mother tongue of many nations cannot be a criterion for being qualified as an international language. ...
The language adhered to the religion and was retained. English was the language of administration during the British rule and even after Independence, English continued to be used as an official language in more than 70 countries like Ghana, Nigeria, India and Singapore, to mention a few. In the 19th century, England was politically a powerful nation. In the 20th century, its power began to wane and USA became economically dominant. The mother tongue in USA is also English. Political power establishes a language, as it happened in the 19th century. But it is economic power that helps to maintain and expand it. This happened in the 20th century when America became an economic power. It is indeed true that ‘English was at the right place at the right time’. ( Crystal David, 2003 ) The Industrial Revolution and the Electronic Revolution were two important historical events that changed the face of the world. These revolutions were led by British and American scientists. They brought vast changes in the lifestyle of people all over the world and were two major steps towards globalization. Following these events, English language captured areas like media, advertising, popular music, broadcasting, cinema, computers and internet. In order to stay ‘with the world’, people realized that they had to know the English language. It promoted international relations. English is taught as a foreign language in more than 100 countries today, the chief among them being China, Germany, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, India and an ever increasing number of countries for that matter. A lot of time and money is spent by many countries in teaching English as a foreign language. It is realized by one and all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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English is seen by some as 'the global language'. Discuss with reference to some of the domains in which English is gaining mos
...? What is a global language? Languages could gain a status of international means of communication when they are recognized in majority of countries and play significant role in various domains of people’s activities. Factors, which make certain language become global, are closely connected to level of technology, economical, political, and cultural power of regions, which use dominant (Crystal, 2003). Some countries like Singapore, India, Nigeria, etc. implement English in their governmental, educational and law systems. Such actions provide the language with a status of...
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...following the rich history of the world that dates back to the colonial period. Such statements were prominently displayed following the retreat of the British Empire in Asia where English would gain millage across the globe; as a result, English is seen as symbol for cultural diversity, identity, and globalization. Print and broadcast media seeking to establish the extent of English proliferation attract a worldwide audience as many gain interest to the phenomenon; consequently, such institutions have seen significant growth in terms of popularity over the years. The proliferation is evidenced by the...
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