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Contents Introduction 2 Family and Personality 2 Succession 2 Reforms 3 Wars 3 Treaty of Tilsit 4 Death 4 References 5 Frilun. G. (2003). Czar Alexander I of Russia (1777-1825). Retrieved on: (12-04-2011) 5 Introduction Alexander 1 or Tsar was born on 1 December 1777…
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Tsar Alexander I
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Download file to see previous pages Alexander was made the Emperor after the murder of his father Paul 1 and ruled Russia during one of its most unstable periods. A liberal at heart, Alexander tried to bring about social reforms. Family and Personality There is a strong relationship between the personality of Alexander and his early childhood. The struggle for power between Alexander’s father Paul and his mother had a deep rooted impact on his personality. From a very early age he learned the art of distancing himself from his family and developed a strong conscious of his own power. During his rule as emperor of Russia this side of his personality was evident. He was always a person who could change is ideology and impression according to his target audience. Thus Alexander was able to master different cultures and skills. He was equally apt at art as he was at military strategy. He could advocate the Rousseau’s humanitarian ideologies and preach the traditions of Russian aristocracy at the same time. Thus it is widely believed that Alexander proclaimed that he loved humanity but in reality hated it which is shown from his various decisions in power. This is also shown by the dual decisions taken by him in both foreign and domestic policy. Succession At the age of fifteen years Tsar 1 was married to Louise of Baden. She was later named as Elisabeth Alexeievna. Catherine wanted to appoint Alexander the King due to her differences with Alexander’s father Paul 1. However before she could take on this task she died in 1976. This created a power vacuum and there was only Paul 1 who could fill this vacuum. Thus instead of Alexander, his father became the king. Paul 1 as compared to Alexander was more intent on bringing about social reforms in Russia. This saw a massive opposition from the court and other power sources. These social reforms were resulting in a direct decrease in their power therefore it was inevitable that there would be opposition against Paul 1. The opposition finally resulted in his death as he was murdered in 1801. There is still much confusion on Alexander’s actual role in his father’s murder. It is however believed that in either case Alexander knew about the plot and was willing to take the throne. Reforms The early year of rule of Alexander 1 saw many efforts at bring about a change in the stagnant governing system of Russia. Russia in the era worked through a centralized system of governance consisting of Collegias. These Collegias were abolished in Alexander’s rule and new ministries were set up in their place. A big hindrance in this process was the old allies who has propelled him into power by killing his father. Tsar 1 systematically replaced them with young and enthusiastic friends from his own company. The ultimate aim of Alexander was to form a constitutional monarchy which would not reduce his power and bring about social reforms at the same time. Most of Alexander’s reforms were constitutional such as the creation of a new law and committee of representatives. These reforms did not change life of the common man during his time but had a long lasting effect on Russia. A very simple example is the abolishing of serfdom by his nephew many decades later. Although Alexander 1 could not achieve this goal during his rule, the changes brought about in law (allowing serfs to own land) enabled later generations to bring about reforms. Wars The most remarkable thing about the rule of Alexander was his wars with Napoleon. Initially the young Tsar had a very good ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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