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Sociology - Assignment Example

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Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: The Importance of Education Introduction The concept of education is dated several years ago during the reign of Aristotle, Plato and the likes. Various philosophers and scholars perceived the concept of education more or less differently but most of them held similar meaning…
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly G.S. Thompson notes that education is how the environment influences an individual to bring about permanent changes in the behavior as well as habits of an individual. Therefore, the term education is a pedagogical process as well as a component that nourishes the body, mind, soul of ignorance. This study focuses on different key aspects as well the as the context of education. This is coupled by objectives and importance of having education in place (Brayl & Murray, 1998). The concept of education This study views education in two aspects. These are the narrow aspect and the wider aspect. Narrow aspect In the narrow education aspect, the field of education is necessary in imparting instructions in schools or colleges. Here, there is direct involvement between the teacher and the student interacting with one another. There is a well stipulated order in which the education process has to be delivered. For instance, the key areas of focus include; objectives of education, curriculum, teaching methodology, including discipline in the educational process as well as application of evaluation techniques. The narrower aspect of education is purposefully directed to the development of a child through schooling. ...
According to Dewey, education is the progressive acquisition of experiences and abilities in which one incorporates throughout his life in the control of environment as well as reaching the limits of possibilities. These two approaches are very important in development of human beings in particular. Generally, the understanding of the concept of education can be viewed in the most appropriate way. There are two concepts of education that are most relevant in the contemporary human development. First, we have the ‘Banking concept’ and then the ‘Modern concept’. The modern concept In the modern concept of education, there is a great emphasis on the shift individual development to national development. Here, education does not only focus on the social change but also on the national development. It is believed through national revolution, there will be realization of economic gains. This is a concept that most countries have adopted and others being encouraged to adopt in order ascertain national development that is now thriving the development process of the modern countries. This has been particularly important in social, economic and political interests of national development. The banking concept The banking concept of education is teacher-student interactive concept. This is the most important in the formal or non-formal modes of education. The teacher is perceived to give or deposit knowledge while the student is the receiver of that particular knowledge. The teacher communicates and gives instructions as the student listens, memorizes and practices the communique of the teacher. Here, the teacher uses evaluation methods to find out if the communicated information was well incorporated by the student. The information that would have been well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Sociology Catfish Presentation of self refers to a seminal sociology which uses imagery of the theatre in an attempt to portray the necessity of human, social interaction. The documentary Catfish makes exemplary uses of presentation self where Yaniv establishes a long distance relationship with Megan. They communicate over the internet and exchange photos, images, and mp3 songs. Imagery is tremendously critical in the process of human interactions since it enables Yaniv to make an image of Megan from the items that they share (Vogt and Williams, 12). They enable the two to establish a long distance relationship without having seen one another. Impression management refers to both a conscious and unconscious...
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Social Classes and Social Credit

The present research has identified that social class is defined as “subgroups of human population” whereas class is defined as “a group of people with similar amounts of wealth or income”. Lastly, Kornblum defined life chances as “the likelihood that individuals will have access to opportunities and benefits that society values”. Considering people’s differences with regards to class, it is the minority groups within a social class are more likely to have lesser life opportunities due to financial difficulty or poverty. For example, in the United States, minority groups like the African American, Hispanics and Latinos are the group of people with limited income. Due to financial difficulty, not...

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...? Applying Sociological Theories to Explain the Effect of the Criminal Justice Response on the Variations in Crime Rates between Social Groups An Analysis Paper Name Course Title Name of Professor Date of Submission Introduction Crime and deviance has constantly received grand attention from sociological theorists. Basic questions on the causes of crime and deviance, the roots of social order, and the response of the criminal justice system have drawn the interests of some of the great thinkers of sociology (Ruggiero, South & Taylor 1998). The outcome is a remarkable line of sociological theories of crime, such as differential association, control, labelling, subcultural, etc (Carrabine, Iganski, Lee, Plummer & South 2004). Nevertheless... , it is...
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...? Sociology SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE In accordance to Peter Berger (1963) sociological perspective could be described as the seeing of what is general to people in a way. From this, it could be deduced that sociology seeks to know how society shapes the lives of people. In sociology, people in the society get studied in a number of ways. The perspective from which sociology views the society is quite different from the way a normal person could view it. Sociology by the help of the sociological perspective achieves viewing the society from another angle. It is by the use of the sociological...
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...Sociology Assignment Question How are liberalism and democracy related to the concepts of freedom (liberty) and equality? Is there a natural relationship between liberalism and democracy? Liberalism as a political movement braces the majority of the past four centuries. It is a political orientation that favors equality and freedom. On the other hand, democracy refers to government for the people and by the people (Bobbio, 2005). Contemporary and classical liberals ensure that people enjoy maximum possible freedom steady with similar freedom for all. Classical liberalism accepts the notion of equality as normative for the citizens before the law. Equality is the right to freedom, which is a tool, certified through democracy’s...
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...Sociological Autobiography Sociological Autobiography As a child of Belgium parents, I was born in 1993.Both my parents were born around the late 1920s, and both grew in and around Iowa. Their parents were Belgium immigrants who moved to the United States in search of greener pastures. My father was hesitant to term the early periods of the 1920s and late 1930s as the good old days because of a number of reasons. Most importantly, he abstains from remembering these periods nostalgically since most families lived in abject poverty. Unlike the urban people, people residing in rural areas especially farmers faced difficult times. Circumstances were made worse by the depression and drought of the 1930s. The most...
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... Introduction I feel that i diserve to achieve a first honour at the end of my sociology I feel I diserve this grading because I have workd hard and smart throught the course. Besides my dedication in the class work, I also home a deep passion of being a sociologist. From a tender age I have always been interested in understanding human behavior. After sociology lessons, my passion has upgraded to wanting to use the knowled from sociology to help improve the life in our society. Specifically I have aquired an interest in deeply understanding crime. Criminal acts are a serious issue that are negatively affecting our societies. How sociology has shaped me Sociology has changed my perceptive of criminals. Initially I just viewed them as evil... ...
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...Using Sociology in The Future Sociology can basically be defined as the study of humans and the way they interact with one another. Sociology describes the interaction of individuals from different cultures. Sociology affects everyone regardless of age, gender, economic class and career choice. Each individual is a part of a society, group or organization. These classifications are important when determining how others interact. Having a career goal as a dental hygienist requires a knowledge of sociology. This knowledge is important in understanding how dental issues can affect people and how different income levels affect the type of treatment. Knowledge of...
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