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Liberia - Research Paper Example

In the 19th century, there were a number of armed conflicts that took place involving the Americo settlers and the native people of Liberia. The ultimate revolt against undertaken by the native people against the settlers was first suppressed in 1930 when Liberia was trying to establish and structure its own modern economy (Europa Publication Limited, 2002, p. 563). Literature Review The history surrounding the Liberia’s political system indicates that the political system was made up of a legislative branch, an executive, and an already existing judicial system. The president was in charge of the executive. The legislative branch of the government was similar to the American system as it was composed of 30 seats of senates and 64 seats of House representatives. The Judicial system incorporated the Supreme Court, the criminal magistrate and appeals courts. The mayor’s were in charge of the key towns throughout the country and lastly the political system in Liberia was composed of the indigenous and local system of chieftaincy government that still had a huge impact to the indigenous people. Initially the Liberian government was dominated by the Americo-Liberians under the presidency of President William Tubman, but things were bound to change after allowing the indigenous people to participate fully in shaping the country’s political destiny (Davies, 2008, p. 628). Political system and socializing agents Access to Liberia’s population was difficult given the fact that majority of its citizens

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Liberia was declared an independent state in 1847 and it was a territory that included land which stretched over several territories inhabited by natives Africans. The class of Americo-Liberians and later Congoes (freed slaves from ships carrying illegal slaves from the Congo basin to the Americas after slavery was abolished in the 1800s) formed the ruling elite which as always been about 5% of the nation's population (Williams, 2002).
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Black Diaspora and the Founding of Liberia
According to the report the role United States in Liberia is strong because of its historic ties. The American companies made use of the natural resources, rubber in particular, enjoying their rights through exploitation. Liberia also served the US major strategic interest of hosting security and communication amenities during Cold War.
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Liberia was founded as a republic through the assistance of American Colonization Society between 1821-1822. However, it was officially founded as a republic on July 26, 1847. American slaves that were granted freedom were among those who founded this
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lived in the remote areas of the country. The majority of Liberia’s population was not familiar with the formal education and in addition to this, the social cohesion and integration levels between the existing ethic groups had diminished giving rise to civil unrest and political instability. According to Buseh, on comparison to other regional countries the Liberian government was well equipped with abundant natural resources as well as human capital. However, this did not reflect on Liberia’s economic growth. The reason behind the unsustainable growth of the economy was the government’s failure to establish broad policies that would act as the key to growth and development. Lack of proper commitment to dealing with social justices has been attributed to the weak macro-economic policies. The social exclusion of Liberia’s majority population, poor governance and lack of proper economic opportunities have all led to the down fall of the country’s social decline and long term economic objectives (Buseh, 2008, p. 21 & 22). According to Burrowes, Liberia was a territory that was governed by the Liberian government. This was clearly indicated by the payment of taxes, which were remitted to the national government by the existing socializing institutions such as churches and schools (Burrowes, 2004, p. 19). Recommendations Regional organizations such as ECOWAS have a major role to play in restoring peace and stability in Liberia. Its role is crucial in the sense that it is through their charters that they agreed to offer any assistance and aid to its member states in case of a calamity. In addition to this, the ECOWAS organization had also agreed to any arms threat that is directed to any of its member states would amount to an aggression directed to the entire


Running head: LIBERIA Liberia Insert Name Insert Insert 8 April 2011 Outline Introduction Literature Review Political system and socializing agents Recommendations References Liberia Introduction The history of Liberia dates back in 1822 when liberated slaves from America settled along the coast of Western Guinea as a result of the philanthropic nature of the United States’ organizations…
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