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Oedipus the king/ some of oedipus behavior : are they imaginable in the real world ,are real humain doing them how do those be - Research Paper Example

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Introduction: All actions of human beings originate at the mind-level first in the form of thoughts. The basic nature of the human mind is to remain calm. Agitations in the mind are like the waves in the ocean. Higher the intensity of the agitation, the bigger is the wave…
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Oedipus the king/ some of oedipus behavior : are they imaginable in the real world ,are real humain doing them how do those be
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Extract of sample "Oedipus the king/ some of oedipus behavior : are they imaginable in the real world ,are real humain doing them how do those be"

Download file to see previous pages In the state of traumatic stress, an individual loses his mental equilibrium, all types of emotions come to a naught, problem solving will and abilities get lost, which results in desperate actions like serious self-injury. Self-injury is an unpardonable evil action which will not go unpunished, and any amount of repentance, would not be able to stall the reactions for that action. This is the eternal law, from which there is no escape. The evil-doer will have to suffer the consequences for his actions. With utter remorse for the actions committed, one may decide to undergo appropriate self-punishment. But who is to decide about the quantum of punishment? The nature of Oedipus’ choice of punishment has to be judged in this context. One cannot be the lawyer as well as the judge for one’s actions. The judge has to be a third party…..not involved in the crime, yet has the knowledge of the circumstances leading and all other facts related to the crime. The total justice can be had from only that source—one that commands Total Knowledge. It is also hailed as Divine Power! But what if an individual is blocked at the mind-barrier and fails to challenge the vicissitudes of life by judging the issues in their proper perspective? Laura N. May et al. in the article “Differential Reactions to hurt” writes, “It may be that those who experience introjective hurt are at even greater risk of developing self-esteem problems and even depression as they internalize the hurtful experience and compound its self-effacing negativity.”(p.58) Oedipus was an over-confident individual who thought that he could successfully challenge the fate and guide its movement in the desired direction. That was his greatest folly. When Sophocles revealed Oedipus’ riddle of birth, it also lead to the loss of his greatest abilities. That revelation was shocking to him and it imbalanced him totally. Confronted with horrid revelations or incidents any individual may land in such a plight in, whether he is a King or a commoner. The November 9/11 incident of America was one such incident that affected many individuals in different ways. To some, the loss of near and dear ones was too much to bear. Sherry Ricchiardi, in the article, “After the Adrenaline,” writes about the plight of a reporter thus: “She went to the newsroom, a completely changed person—emotionally, physically, spiritually, she says.”(p.36)The destined events happen and no one can stall them. In case of Oedipus he was advised against trying to manipulate his own fate. Having discovered the sins he had committed, he reacted violently by self-mutilation. That willful self-inflicted punishment resulted in his blindness. To challenge fate and to think that its course could be alerted was blasphemy against gods. Yet Oedipus acted thus with overzealous confidence that human power was supreme to divine power. But that was only his initial reaction to the circumstances around him. Soon he realized the limitations of the human frailty and self-imposed punishment was a pointer towards his transformation. They say anger leads to confusion; confusion leads to loss of equilibrium of the mind. With the loss of equilibrium, the mind loses its power of discrimination; mind, having reached that state, it leads to one’s total downfall. He commits such acts, which in the ordinary course, he would never have committed. As atonement for the sinful acts, he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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