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Comparison of the three plays in the Oedipus Trilogy in regards to the function of the chorus and how the character of Creon is - Research Paper Example

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Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: Oedipus Trilogy: The Function of the Chorus and How the Character of Creon is presented. Both Creon and Chorus are of fundamental value throughout the Oedipus trilogy. The Chorus plays a role of cautioning and advocating for goodness, stability, sense of wisdom and respect for the law…
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Comparison of the three plays in the Oedipus Trilogy in regards to the function of the chorus and how the character of Creon is
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Comparison of the three plays in the Oedipus Trilogy in regards to the function of the chorus and how the character of Creon is

Download file to see previous pages... As King’s most special advice, he comes second in the order of command. Creon is probably the most dynamic character in the play, in the sense that he keeps displaying different images in each of the plays in Oedipus Trilogy. Creon The image of Creon as presented in the first of the trilogy, Oedipus the King, is that of e calm, sensible character and an embodiment of the voice of reason of the reason. This is portrayed in the manner he relates to Oedipus as his special adviser. When he first appears in Oedipus the King, he is associated with good news as Oedipus asks him whether he has come with good news from the oracle to the people of Thebes. Before answering the question, he takes a precaution and informs Oedipus: “If thou wouldst hear my message publicly,/I'll tell thee straight, or with thee pass within.” He does not want to speak important matters that would be of some political value publicly, and therefore carry himself with an air of political secrecy (Campbell 94). He understands that a ruler often needs to get information of fundamental political impact, so that he may be prepared on the best way to reveal it to the public. However, to this Oedipus says “speak before all; the burden that I bear is more for these my subjects than myself.” Therefore, right from the beginning, a difference may be seen: whereas Creon is very calculating and manipulative character and is cautious in as far as screening public information is concerned, Oedipus does not give an afterthought to this aspect. At a time when Oedipus is filled with rage and he storms, Creon is in control of him and keeps his calm. He warns Oedipus against Tyranny and pride. He reminds him “If thou dost count a virtue stubbornness, Unschooled by reason, thou art much astray.” He calls upon him to be composed and make a judicious reaction. In the midst of Oedipus outburst with rage, he patiently listens and tells the King: “Attend me. Thou hast spoken, 'tis my turn To make reply. Then having ….O argue not that thou art not a rogue….If thou dost hold a kinsman may be wronged, And no pains follow, thou art much to seek.” He therefore turns out not just to be a keen listener, but also an eloquent adviser, who can take control and prevail upon the King , to the extent that he drives his pointy home. Oedipus’s solace and reassures the King that he is no of no harm to the King. He makes it very clear that he has no intention whatsoever to usurp Oedipus from Kingship, since Oedipus, Jocasta and him rule Thebes equally. Eventually, he makes use of his honey-tongue and rhetorical questions to appeal to the King’s sense of reason. Not so, if thou wouldst reason with thyself, As I with myself. First, I bid thee think, Would any mortal choose a troubled reign Of terrors rather than secure repose, If the same power were given him? As for me, I have no natural craving for the name Of king, preferring to do kingly deeds, And so thinks every sober-minded man. Now all my needs are satisfied through thee, And I have naught to fear; but were I king, My acts would oft run counter to my will. How could a title then have charms for me Above the sweets of boundless influence? I am not so infatuate as to grasp The shadow when I hold the substance fast. Now all men cry me ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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