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Oedipus - Essay Example

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Oedipus – Blinded By Overconfidence and Enlightened Through Sightlessness Oedipus was born and bought up in royalty. Oedipus is quite intelligent and smart like any epic hero. He is able to solve the riddle of the Sphinx and establish himself as a hero in the history…
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Download file to see previous pages Questioning the prophecies foretold in Oedipus’s life only lead him to disaster. The metaphor of blindness and sight in Oedipus The King suggests that the ability to see the truth of one's situation can have tragic results. This idea is evident when the traits, motivations, and language of each character are examined. Character Traits of Oedipus Oedipus is a man who gives importance to his head than his heart. Tragedy befalls him when he tries to alter the fate. Oedipus hears an Oracle prophecy hinting he will kill his father and marry his mother. He believes Corinth’s royal couple to be his parents. Hence, he simply stays out of Corinth to avoid causing any trouble to them. Even as a young man Oedipus believes he could change the fate through logical actions and science. But, the all powerful almighty just leads him out of Corinth only to kill his biological father Laius on the way (Oedipus Greek Mythology, 2004). Oedipus’s traits are revealed early in the story when he acts without discretion to banish the plague from his country. Oedipus’s intentions are good. But, his haste and over confidence simply makes him take one wrong decision after another. He kills Laius in a crossroad unnecessarily for a petty fight without thinking about the consequences. A person in his position would consider twice about handling people of his parents age. But, Oedipus blindly kills a man of his father’s age and marries a women who is aged enough to be his mother. He doesn’t give a second thought about anything and acts instinctively. Oedipus’s Greatest Motivation Oedipus's act of solving the Sphinx’s riddle makes him a headstrong man. He believes he can solve the mystery about his life without the help of the Gods. Oedipus’s motivation comes largely from this single victory. He cherishes it throughout the life as his own accomplishment without understanding it was yet another trap prepared for him to make him marry his biological mother Jacosta. He does not understand, questioning too much about ones fate will only lead to disaster. He turns blind to the several clues thrown before him about the murderer of Laius until the final confrontation with the Shepherd. Similarly, when Teiresias refuses to answer his questions, he unjustly accuses Creon for plotting against him. Though Oedipus occurs as an adult man throughout the play, his actions are childlike, immature and adamant almost all the time. His adamant nature is a result of his over confidence. It makes him take hasty and baseless decision which hurt others often. Oedipus’s Interactions with Teirsias Teiresias is a very important character in the story of Oedipus. He is a wise man who can actually see the future. He too is blind. Sophocles the author of Oedipus, the King purposely made the wise man blind to stress the metaphor. He is forcibly bought into the court of Oedipus as he does not wish to reveal fate's horrible game through his mouth. Teiresias is insulted and threatened in various ways by Oedipus. But, Teiresias bears all of them humbly, knowing well the life of Oedipus is finished the moment he opens his mouth. Gifted with amazing prophetic power he does not bow to any threat. His unflinching courage makes him challenge two mighty kings without any compromise. Teiresias's dedication to truth and unshakable belief in Gods is his greatest motivation. The words spoken by Teiresias are as follows. “To twit me with my blindness--thou hast eyes / Yet see'st not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Oedipus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words. https://studentshare.org/english/1462054-oedipus.
“Oedipus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1462054-oedipus.
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Oedipus Tyrannus
Therefore, one can view them, as inclusive of one another, while man seems to be a victim or puppet of fate and destiny, he is not coerced to take actions that lead to the outcome. Free will always dominates because man has been given the freedom to choose his actions and be responsible for the result; therefore, man is a product of fate and destiny or the sum of his choices and actions.
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Oedipus Rex
As the audience, we are aware of the whole back story that would lead to the tragedy itself. However, Oedipus the King as a hero is also appreciated much because we see that he is not perfect, like an ordinary human being. He is actually far from perfect, committing several sins and crimes like parricide, homicide and incest.
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This play also addresses the concept of free will and determinism, despite the fact that Oedipus did not become the victim of fate. Although he kills the ex-king, but this action was totally based on his intentions to get the throne. He has been criticised for his act, but his determination and will to have access to the throne is highlighted solidly in this play.
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Analysing oedipus
The mutilation of his feet was not explained either. As a child, this unfortunate prince was exposed to death and remained alive due to the mercy of
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Oedipus & Hamlet
Later, Oedipus realizes the fact that fate is the real villain in his life. On the other side, Hamlet is able to find out the real villain and punishes him. Thesis statement: The compare and
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Oedipus rex
The opening line in the scene expresses the concern and anxiety of Oedipus as a ruler for the downfall of his country .In the play,
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This becomes her flaw as she goes against a king that is willing to defy the gods by not granting Polynices burial rites. This does not just draw the death penalty to herself alone but also to her sister Ismene (Petterson 18). Though the king frees Ismene, he goes ahead with
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This is also the riddle of existence. Oedipus lost everything, and became a polluted figure in front of his followers. He did not know that the man he killed was his father; the women he married was his mother; or,
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Oedipus -Discussion
He did not want to believe in fate but tried to deceive it, thus was punished. However, he was successfully fighting with difficulties and is rather noble, courage and fair. Thus I would vote for him. 2. Oedipus is a very modern man in his individualistic
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I. Excessive Pride in Speech A. Oedipus before his people B. What he reveals about his own self-image II. Excessive Pride in Actions A. Oedipus' actions coming into Thebes B. Creon's warnings to Oedipus III. Downfall A. Pride forces the truth out B. Pride forces great punishment Oedipus the King In his analysis of what makes a true tragedy, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle identified three major elements.
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