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Is Oedipus to blame for his actions Did he get what he deserve or: Explore Oedipus Rex as religious art. or How is Oedipus a t - Essay Example

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Is Oedipus to Blame for His Actions? Did He Get What He Deserved? The tragedy of Oedipus Rex stirs the human soul beyond imagination. To many readers, Oedipus’s destiny seems to be a conspiracy of gods against him. It appears that he had suffered at the hands of preordained fate…
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Is Oedipus to blame for his actions Did he get what he deserve or: Explore Oedipus Rex as religious art. or How is Oedipus a t
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"Is Oedipus to blame for his actions Did he get what he deserve or: Explore Oedipus Rex as religious art. or How is Oedipus a t"

Download file to see previous pages Oedipus was a great king and he had inherited a royal blood; was brought up by royal parents (though not his own); and earned kingship by solving the riddle of Sphinx. He was a gifted person and he had always taken chances with his fate. He had desired to outwit his fate just like his own father, Laius. Oedipus believed that he could evade his fate by intervening in the decisions of the gods. He was so sure about himself that he believed he could influence his fate by changing the way things were going. His real father, Laius, ankle-bound him and gave him to a herdsman to be left out in the mountains. His life was saved by the gods and he was brought up by an issueless king of Corinth, Polybus. Oedipus could have enjoyed a life of a king, had he not intervened in the working of the fate. Upon hearing the prediction that he would slay his own father and wed his mother, he left the castle in rage. In his blind fury, he met his real father Laius and got into an argument with him and killed him and all his companions, except for one. Oedipus could be blamed for this act because this could have been avoided. He was in a rage and so much distressed that he let it out on Laius and his companions, who were going back from Delphi. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...was, but it takes the frustrated and irritated prophet Teresias to begin bringing this out. Although forced to make the statements, Teresias' suggestions that Oedipus might be to blame at some level forces the couple to begin discussing what actually happened when King Laius was murdered as well as what actually happened when Oedipus was born. Rather than heed the warnings he's been given, Oedipus allows his pride to continue doubting the possibility that his fate may have caught up with him at last until the last moment. When the truth is finally revealed, this same pride makes it impossible for him to forgive himself, even if it...
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
...though he has eyes. Teiresias asks angrily, what is the use of having eyes as Oedipus cannot see his doomed fate with it. He also hints his eyesight will be darkened when he gets the actual wisdom to see the truth as it is. Sophocles tries to insist again and again sight is not necessary to see truth, but only heart. But Oedipus realizes it only too late. Oedipus’s Interaction with Creon Creon is Oedipus’s trusted friend and companion falsely accused by Oedipus of treachery . He was summoned by Oedipus to bring Teirisias to the...
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Oedipus Rex
...the fight off when he was hit by the chariot instead of killing the man (who happened to be his father) but there was still the factor of predestination. He was meant to kill the King and was meant to marry his mother. There are options in which he can actually escape his fate but can’t because, you can’t escape fate. His sins two greatest sins are killing his father and marrying his mother. In present times, that is called parricide and incest. As far as we are concerned, he was provoked by the man in the chariot so that his actions can be named...
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Irony in Oedipus Rex
...October Irony in Oedipus Rex The novel Oedipus Rex is full of different types of ironies: dramatic irony, double irony, and verbal irony, just to name a few. An example of the verbal irony can be seen when Oedipus addresses his people and says that he feels the sickest among them all because of the trouble they are in, whereas his people actually think of him as the sickest because they know that Oedipus sleeps with his mother. Oedipus Rex reflects dramatic irony in its dialogue. Dramatic irony is essentially the characters’ misunderstanding of...
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Oedipus rex
...Topic Oedipus Rex Introduction The story of Oedipus , even though it is a folk tale has many morale to be conveyed to the readers. Oedipus is a fictitious character who was destined to marry his mother after killing his father. In the opening scene of play of “Oedipus” the character of him reflects that of a politician who is backed up by the citizens of his kingdom and one who is closely attached to the perceptions and feelings of his subjects. The opening line in the scene expresses the concern and anxiety of Oedipus as a ruler for the downfall of his country .In...
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...Oedipus: Antigon’s Fate At a time when women were not highly esteemed in the society, one woman defies the king’s order to grant her brother a decent burial - Antigon the soon to become daughter-in-law of King Creon. This is confirmed by the word of Sentry, having caught her trying to rebury Polynices. This becomes her flaw as she goes against a king that is willing to defy the gods by not granting Polynices burial rites. This does not just draw the death penalty to herself alone but also to her sister Ismene (Petterson 18). Though the king frees Ismene, he goes ahead with his plans to kill Antigon as she ends up being walled in a tomb to be buried alive. The story takes a slight twist when the...
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Oedipus Rex
... Essay, Philosophy Theme The Authority of the Unrecorded Law is one of the important themes of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. On conquering Thebes after defeating Polynices Creon orders that Polynices should not be buried so that his flesh is left to rot and eaten by dogs and birds, creating an obscene scene for everyone to view. Polynices is the traitor and the enemy of the state as such Creon strongly believes that he deserves that treatment. Security of the state is the primary requirement for humankind, religion, family life and for the proper and peaceful existence. According to Creon the good of the state is supreme, and takes precedence on all other duties and values. But as it is revealed in the concluding part of the play some duties... is...
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Oedipus Rex Essay
...Oedipus Rex In his presentation of the theme, the has used tension amongst the characters and destiny of the free will. The leadership of the land or the authority is in tension with the subjects. Furthermore, there is tension within the royal family. The nature and the people have also manifested tension. People are not sure of what to expect from the angry nature. The interpreters of nature are too in tension with the leadership since they may be viewed to be rebelling against the leadership. The theme has also been developed through destiny; the murder of the late king will know his destiny when he will be discovered. Jocasta the wife of the king knows her...
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Sophocles Oedipus Rex
4 Pages(1000 words)Book Report/Review
...Your full March 29, Oedipus’ riddle of existence (Question 2) The story is a tragic tale of the king of Thebes, who announces punishment for the murderer, when he does not know that he was the murderer himself (Sophocles). The author has tried to illustrate that man has no power over his fate; he becomes the creator of felony unknowingly; and, he loses everything when God announces punishment for him. This is also the riddle of existence. Oedipus lost everything, and became a polluted figure in front of his followers. He did not know that the man he killed was his father; the women he married was his mother; or, the felony that had struck his village was due to his misdeed. This conveys the message that man is often unaware of his misdeeds... , and...
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