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The Sociological View of Power in Egypt - Research Paper Example

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Sociological View of Power Power is a central concept in political sociology because it forms a fundamental part of social life. Political sociology is mainly concerned with broad and stable patterns of power. There are three types of sociological powers namely influence, coercion and authority…
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The Sociological View of Power in Egypt
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"The Sociological View of Power in Egypt"

Download file to see previous pages ” The Sociological View of Power in Egypt  According to Pip (2008), the main theoretical issue in political sociology is enabling the nature of power. Social politics focuses on coercion, political correctness and influence. These have been applied to come up with the various forms of leadership. Resistance, limitation and resistance that may be encountered must be overcome for power to affect social activities. People may however rebel by forming political movement to protest against state power. This occurs when people feel that there is abuse of power and that this abuse of power deprived of their rights. Political influence entails persuading and convincing others to accept one’s views. The main types are propaganda, genocide, political correctness and manipulation of public opinion. Coercion on the other hand entails the use of force and threat. There has been abuse of political power, through dictatorship, in Egypt. This is contrasting with the sociological view of power among the citizens. Sociological view requires that state power should be decentralized and democratic. The government is expected to protect democracy in the society. If any political influence is to be made, then it has to be within the range of individual freedom and choice. However, the Egyptian government has used coercion instead of ethical influence in governing the people. The Egyptians have been forced to take in whatever the government decides for them. This opposes the sociological view of politics in which power is vested on few individuals to act on behave of the rest. At the same time, they must put into consideration the interests of the people they represent. Dictatorship has led to the deprivation of basic human rights among many citizens. For a long time, the citizens of Egypt have wanted an end of political dictatorship and come up with a political institution governed by a democratic type of leadership. Political sociology identifies three types of leadership styles that are developed by utilizing influence, coercion or political correctness. These are charismatic, bureaucratic and traditional (Farganis, 1996). The three types of sociological powers have become a base for social movements. Citizens protest as a way of airing their views concerning them. The people want political reforms that would address their basic needs for example standards of living and unemployment. This will be achieved if the leaders have political correctness. Leaders are expected to play their roles of giving guidance and direction to the people and not oppress them. When political leaders are on the right, they must overcome resistance for them to be fully able to exercise power. This is because the society consists of people with varied interests and views. Those with extreme ideas must be forced to agree with the majority (Merton, 1968). There is lack of political correctness in Egypt. Corruption is still present in the government yet the people are already impatient about it. The social movements mainly emerge from marginalized youth who are trying to express their rejection of the government’s present social and political system. During the recent protests, protestors were expressing their frustrations to the government. They were complaining that the government has not heeded to their cry for the country to have some democratic reforms. The country has been ruled though oppressive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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