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Investigation Into Piston Failures - Dissertation Example

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Investigation into Piston Failures Abstract The previous extensive discussions about the significance of the functions, composition, and failure of the mechanical parts of an engine have been quite controversial. Such investigations and studies gave rise to various questions…
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Investigation Into Piston Failures
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"Investigation Into Piston Failures"

Download file to see previous pages Various researched have been conducted so far proposing new geometries, materials and manufacturing techniques for engine pistons which further accounted for a constant improvement for the past decades and demanded comprehensive analysis of the smallest details. Despite of all these vast researches, there is a mass number of piston failures. There are various origins in damage mechanisms which area basically related to temperature, wear and fatigue. Further the fatigue damages prominently include thermal fatigue and mechanical fatigue, which are either at high temperature or at room temperature. This study is not just related to the causes, diagnosis and solutions of piston failures but also related to an overwhelming and a specialist exploration of the points of investigation. Various interlinked aspects and methods corresponding to the piston failures or fatigues have to be considered to construct a reliable, overwhelming and coherent investigation about engine piston failures. Thus, the following three basic approaches are employed to analyze the fatigue mechanism. 1. Total Life Approach, 2. Crack Initiation Approach, and 3. Crack Propagation Approach. Various characteristics such like the piston-materials, the piston-operations, the total life approach or the other related operations classify lubrication operations as the nature of the engine piston failure. The fatigue total-life approach corresponds to the piston life method that analyzes the stresses damaging the piston. In the similar context, the materials of the piston focus on the fatigue matter in which a piston is most likely to damage or crack due to the use of the forged materials. Such cracks or damages relate to the aspects of material-life, usage-life, stress-life, and operation-life. Nevertheless, the cyclic fatigues are commonly elastic where the material-stress life curve is used and the piston fatigue mechanism is basically plastic deformation. The characteristic of the crack initiation related to the dilemma of piston fatigue is usually employed to determine the operation's processes influencing the efficiency of the engine piston. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 1.Introduction to Pistons 5 1.1. Background on Pistons: 5 1.2. Aims and objectives: 7 1.3. Piston function 7 1.4. Piston Parts 9 2.Piston Design 12 2.1. Piston Shape investigation: 12 2.2. Piston Rings: 13 2.2.1. Compression Ring 13 2.2.2. Wiper Ring 14 2.2.3. Oil Ring 14 2.4. Materials used for manufacturing: 16 2.4.1. The significance of silicone: 17 2.4.2. The types of aluminum alloy: 17 2.4.3 Forged versus Cast: 19 3.Piston Failures 20 3.1 Experimentation 21 3.1.1 Mechanical and high temperature mechanical fatigue 22 Piston head and piston pin hole 22 Piston compression grooves 25 Piston skirt 27 3.1.2. Thermal and thermal–mechanical fatigue 29 4. Analyses and Discussions 32 4.1. Mechanical fatigue 32 4.1.1. Piston head and piston pin hole 32 4.1.2. Piston compression grooves 35 4.1.3. Piston skirt 35 4.2. Thermal and thermal–mechanical fatigue 36 5. Solutions and Proposals 37 5.1. Local reinforcements 37 5.2. Materials 38 5.3. Design 39 5.4. Surface coatings 40 5.5. Piston cooling 40 6. Prevention of Piston Failures and deformation 41 6.3.3. The Types of Lubricants 45 6. Conclusions 46 6.1. The possible causes of the Piston Failure: 47 6.2. The different types of the piston damage: 47 7. Recommendation 48 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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