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Chimpanzee and the close relations to humans - Research Paper Example

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Evolution and Effect According to Charles Darwin, the main drive for evolution is based on natural selection and survival of the fittest. Nature selects the organisms, which are most likely to survive and then they reproduce. This is made possible by genetic mutation and recombination, which occurs in the gene pool…
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Chimpanzee and the close relations to humans
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Chimpanzee and the close relations to humans

Download file to see previous pages... Besides the genetic coding, which explains how we are similar genetically, there are also other factors, which could indicate a direct relation. The first is the way in which chimpanzees live socially with one another. They often live in cluster societies being lead by an alpha male as they hunt for food. They also form highly complex social relationships, which then takes the form of courtship and mating behavior. Like in human cultures, the alpha male gains support through the other members of the community (Power 37-51). Chimpanzees also have intelligences, which are comparable to that of humans and are highly intelligent in the animal kingdom. They have a social psychology in that they understand the organized roles in society. They are also capable of analyzing problems and solving them. One of these ways, which correlates extremely strong to human behavior, is through the creation of tools. Chimpanzees are one of the very few organisms that can create tools besides humans. Chimpanzees also have an extremely complex form of language. This includes both nonverbal and verbal forms of communication as well as hand gestures and movements. So far, there have been over 500 different signs, which have been identified by scientists (Cohen 116-18). Besides the social components, which make chimpanzees similar to humans, there are genetic and biological components, which connect both species. There is less than a 2% difference in the genetic coding and variation of the gene sequence. This is due to minor changes in the genetic code. In addition, certain genes were removed while others were kept. It is hypothesized that these small mutations in the genetic code are what allowed humans to gain their adaptive features and since then has explained why humanity has prospered (Reeve, and Black 53-6). It is, however, pertinent to point out the differences that separate homo from pan. The first is the primitive method of locomotion. While humans now have the capability to walk upright, chimpanzees still walk on all fours. Specifically, they walk on their knuckles, which has limited the development of the full range of motor functions in the hand. Even though they have a highly evolved social structure, it still operates on the premises of instinct and primal power, which is exerted through the use of force. Some of these are the result of biological evolution and some of the traits are the result of years of learning and knowledge accumulation as well as the passing down of traditions and skills. There is definitely a link between both chimpanzees and humans. The exact link and common ancestry has not been identified yet. As explored, there are many social and learning characteristics, such as the organization of communities, which are similar to both species. The undeniable facts of science show that genetically, we share similar coding which can only mean the result of a divergent evolutionary process, which occurred. There has also been a great deal of research, which has been done in order to show the relationship between how chimpanzees and humans can interact with each other. There has also been research done into understanding the communication skills that chimpanzees possess. In order to find the definite link between the ancestry of humans and chimpanzees, not only must the genetic code be identified, but also do the fossils which would show the link. Works Cited Cohen, Jon. Almost Chimpanzee: Searching for What Makes Us Human, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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