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The Relationship of Human Animals versus Other Animals - Article Example

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In the research paper “The Relationship of Human Animals versus Other Animals” the author analyzes the book We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves, which is influenced through the real life experiment that was conducted during the 1930s…
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The Relationship of Human Animals versus Other Animals
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Extract of sample "The Relationship of Human Animals versus Other Animals"

Download file to see previous pages The book explains that there are many cases of chimps being raised up in a similar manner to the human children. The entire novel is thus based on these issues. Several novels explain the aspects of the cross fostered chimps. For example, The Ape and the Child describe the Kelloggs, Next of Kin discusses the Washoe, and also the Ape in Our House illustrates Viki Hayes. Nim Chimpsky is illustrated in the novel, The Chimp Who Would Be Human. Maurice Termerlin authored a book referred to as the Lucy, Growing Up Human. The author, Karen Fowler, illustrated adequate knowledge on the chimps. One analyzed area involved the environments that the chimps reside in. These environments are diverse and they include the laboratory environment, the preserve environment, and the natural o wild environment. The knowledge acquired by the author on the chimps aimed at understanding the behavior of Fern, through the nonfiction accounts. The author also participated in the chimposeum, which took place in Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute that is based in Washington, so as to study the chimps that reside there (World Fantansy Convention 207).
The literary work applies the technique of developing stories from the middle. Lowell explains to her sister Rosemary the issues surrounding the scientific works of her father. Lowell illustrates that their father assumed the uniqueness of Fern from the human, through a careful and scientific approach. Thus, Fern had the chance of proving herself in all stages. Lowell explains that it would also be scientifically acceptable to begin from the other end; assume the similarities between Fern and the human children, and then show the difference evidence. This would have been relatively Darwinian, according to the kinship assumption. The reader is expected to view the kinship assumption in a similar manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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