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“Some 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year” (What is Workplace Violence, p.1). Workplace violence can be defined as the violence happens at the workplace between employees or between employees and the employers…
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Workplace Violence
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Download file to see previous pages Non physical violence such as intimidation, abuse, threats etc, physical violence like punching, kicking, pushing etc and aggravated physical violence using weapons are the major categories of workplace violence. “The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health says there are 3 people murdered every day at work. Murder is the second highest reason for death in the workplace with over 1000 being killed every year!” (Workplace Violence Statistics) Workplace violence is not good for the interests of either the employers or the employees. It can destroy the mutual relationships between the employers and employees. Cooperation is necessary among the employees since most of the organizational works are at present completed using team work. Workplace violence will destroy the cohesion of various teams formed in an organization for completing different works. This paper briefly analyses the topic workplace violence, its causes and possible preventive measures. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 564 work-related homicides occurred each year in the United States from 2004 to 2008. The BLS reports that "most shootings occurred in the private sector (86 percent) whereas 14 percent of shootings occurred in government. ...
ting better salaries compared to the employees of few decades before, but along with the increased salary, they are getting increased stress also from their workplaces because of increased responsibilities. Failure to fulfil the expectations of the employer may result in loss of jobs and hence employees always work under pressure. The employee is connected with his family, society and workplace in different ways. All these institutions give more responsibilities to him. It is difficult for him to find enough time to fulfil all his commitments. Overtime duty is strictly implemented in many organizations because of manpower shortage and overload of works. Thus the current employees are tied most of his times to the organization and they are not getting enough time to meet their other requirements. In short, most of the current employees are working under immense stress which can lead towards workplace violence. Private sector employment laws in America are weaker compared to the public sector laws. Private firms in America give more freedom to the workers as part of their modern scientific management principles. However, workers often exploit their freedom in an unhealthy manner which may lead towards increased workplace violence in the private sector. In public enterprises, strict screening is performed at the gates for guns and weapons, before the employees enter their offices. On the other hand, in private organizations, such intense screening is not there and it is easy for the private employees to enter the company premises with guns like dangerous weapons. One research study about workplace violence showed that: “91.6% of shootings on the job committed by men and almost 38% of shootings in the workplace happened in "white collar" situations” (Workplace Violence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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