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Healthcare Workers. Workplace Violence - Research Paper Example

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Work place violence occurs at or outside the workplace and ranges from threats and verbal abuses to physical assaults and homicide. Perpetrators of workplace violence are customers, co-workers, employers, acquaintances or complete strangers (NIOSH, 2007)…
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Healthcare Workers. Workplace Violence
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Extract of sample "Healthcare Workers. Workplace Violence"

Download file to see previous pages Such perpetrators include customers, patients, inmates, and other groups of people who receive regular services from the business. Healthcare facilities such as nursing homes and psychiatric facilities have the highest number of customer violence (Lee et al, 2010). Workplace violence is also perpetrated by fellow workers where an employee threatens or assaults another employee or past employee. Violence can also be perpetrated by individuals without any relationship with the business but have personal relationships with the victims. This includes victims of domestic violence who are attacked or assaulted while at work. The victims of workplace violence are mostly employees in the business. The victims have the responsibility of conducting business activities or providing services (Lee et al, 2010). Nurses and care givers in a nursing home or hospital may be attacked by violent patients. Shop attendants become victims of violent crimes such as robbery. Police officers and prison wardens are victims of violence from criminals and prisoners. Employees may be subjected to verbal abuses or unwanted touching from their supervisors (Lee et al, 2010). Harassment by senior employees is evident in workplaces such as warehouses. New employees or junior employees become victims of overworking, threats, and abuses from senior employees. Spouses may become victims of workplace violence when domestic violence extends to the workplace. An employee may be attacked or abused by the spouse in the workplace due to unresolved domestic issues (Lee et al, 2010). Risk factors include mental health disorders such as stress, anxiety, and drug intoxication are common among people who commit workplace violence. Employees, customers, or patients with mental disorders have the highest probability of becoming violent. The employees’ inability to deal with a crisis is another risk factor (Lee et al, 2010). Emergency situations in the workplace may increase the stress levels in an employee who loses control of the crisis and may perpetrate verbal violence. The age, years of experience, gender, hours worked, and marital status predispose workers to violence. Women and new employees may experience verbal and physical violence from senior employees. Employees dealing with the public such as police officers are exposed to attacks. Workers handling money such as cashiers are usually victims of criminal violence during robberies (OSHA, 2009). Employees working at night, guarding valuables, working in high crime areas, or transporting passengers have a high probability of being attacked. Workplace violence affects all stakeholders in a business. It has been estimated that organizations lose $202 billion annually due to workplace violence (Bowlers et al, 2007). Employers are affected by the violence due to reduced workdays and low employee morale. Employers also have to restore stolen property, replace damaged property, legal expenses, and compensate victims. Employees are also affected by the violence due to high levels of stress, physical injuries, depression, and high healthcare expenses. The personal relationships between employees also change in cases of employee-employee violence (Snyder, Chen and Vacha-Haase, 2007). Demoralization of employees leads to reduced job efficiency. This affects the quality of services delivered to customers and clients. Violence involving customer or clients may lead ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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