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Medieval Spanish Literature. Topic Proposal. Annotated Biblio - Research Paper Example

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Medieval Spanish Literature Topic Proposal with Annotated Bibliography: La Estrella de Sevilla Word Count: 750 (3 pages) I. The Central Problem to Be Analyzed (200 words) The central problem to be analyzed is how the figures in The Star of Seville were actually people in real life which were fictionalized in The Star of Seville…
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Medieval Spanish Literature. Topic Proposal. Annotated Biblio
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Download file to see previous pages Since women were looked down upon in Medieval Spain as their lives having less value than men, it is interesting how Estrella Tabera reverses the societal expectation of her to be only a lady of the night—and how she ends up garnering power, wealth, and prestige with the paramour of Sancho IV pursuing her in the play, and Philip IV pursuing Francisca de Tabara in real life. It is no surprise, then, that Estrella Tabera, being a sort of outcast in Medieval Spain, is able to reimagine the role of seductress and have a revolutionary leitmotif for women everywhere. II. Thesis (50 words) It is thought that, how we know and based on what we know of The Star of Seville, that: Philip IV is represented by the fictional character Sancho IV; Francisca de Tabara is represented by the fictional character Estrella Tabera; and that Villamediana is represented by the fictional character Busto. III. Annotated Bibliography (500 words) Source Citation: De Armas, Frederick Alfred. Heavenly Bodies: The Realms of La Estrella de Sevilla. US: Bucknell University Press, 1996. ...
(100 words) Contributors: Frederick A. De Armas Last Edited: 1996 Source Citation: Magill, Frank N., et. al. Masterplots. US: Salem Press, 1996. Summary: In Masterplots, Magill and Mazzano masterfully work through the cast of main characters in The Star of Seville and parse each character’s importance in the play. They analyze the plot of the The Star of Seville and talk about how the play is relevant not only for today’s audiences, but also how The Star of Seville will always be a relevant play for Medieval Spanish literature in the future. Masterplots seeks to chart a course for the reader, taking the reader on a tour through the play’s highs and lows as it tries to evaluate, simply, the play’s overall effectiveness. (100 words) Contributors: Frank Northen Magill, Laurence W. Mazzano Last Edited: 1996 Source Citation: McKendrick, Melveena. Playing the King: Lope de Vega and the Limits of Conformity. US: Boydell and Brewer Ltd., 2000. Summary: This book critically evaluates Lope de Vega’s works, and his delicate dance of openly criticizing the Spanish throne during Medieval times. McKendrick weaves a masterful tale of Lope de Vega’s struggle to temper subversiveness with cleverness, and use political themes overtly—but in a manner that cannot be immediately detected by the untrained eye. Lope de Vega fools the reader into thinking that he or she is reading a play about some fictional characters—when actually his characters stand for allegorical allusions to what is really going on in Medieval Spain, and we see his characters lived out in real-time. (100 words) Contributors: Melveena McKendrick Last Edited: 2000 Source Citation: Anonymous. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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