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Chapter 3  The chapter mainly talks about the changing pattern of family structure within the society and makes effort to study its impact in the areas of sociology and anthropology. The authors are of the view that the social identity and transforming values are critical aspect s of the developing societies…
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Download file to see previous pages It is for these reasons that authors assert that despite the evolving social values, the families and familial ties remain highly relevant social institutions. The chapter has discussed the importance of family in the contemporary environment where it primarily functions as important economic unit. The head of the family and adults continue to make rational decisions based on informed choices for the wider welfare of the family members and not for individuals within the family. Despite the shifting paradigm of social structure which poses more challenges, the family continues to act as an integrated economic unit, especially in semi urban regions. In the contemporary transforming values of societies, the gender biases have become more prominent, especially where women add to the family income. At the same time, multicultural societies encompassing racial and ethnic identities have also contributed to split socio-political views of new family composition or structure. But Blau et al (2009) are emphatic that despite changing dynamics of societies, significant contribution of gender stratification to the economy of family has not only been maintained but also emerged as its major strength. (277) Chapter 4  Blau et al (2009) declare that allocation of time between household and labor market is linked to home labor time. Within the family, the market goods are changed into commodities which are used for optimal good of the family. They insist that the time spent on home production equally important as time spent on paid labor that helps to buy goods from the market. They clarify that goods and services bought from the market need to be used in such a manner so as to maximize its worth for the family. Therefore, if the purchased goods do not deliver the desired result due to lack of time which the home labor spends on converting the goods into useful commodities for the family, the objective of earning or the paid labor would not be realized. The authors’ views have given a new and important perspective to the division of labor within and outside the home life. Home production is vital part of home economics as it converts the purchased merchandise into useful commodities which is utilized for the family as a whole. Thus, home production fruitfully utilizes the outside earning which the paid labor brings within the family. The chapter has highlighted the importance of women who remain at home and significantly contribute to the home economics. The status of women, who have been traditionally been considered as non paid and not important economic unit within the family, has now been raised to key labor participant of home production unit without whom the earnings of paid labor cannot be realized. The authors justifiably claim that gender equality must become intrinsic part of social structure as it significantly influences the consumption of market goods and services. (284) Chapter 5  The chapter has discussed the dichotomy in the roles of men and women, especially vis-a-vis home economics. The authors believe that the difference in the roles was considerably reduced when the women started contributing financially to the household expenses. The feminist movement was significant because it encouraged women to work outside their home and become paid labor who were able to contribute significantly in the home economics. They were also able to realize their importance as an individual within their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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