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Critical on Why is there a Gender Pay Gap Against Women - Literature review Example

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Critical Literature Review on Why is There a Gender Pay Gap Against Women? Table of Contents Critical Literature Review on Why is There a Gender Pay Gap Against Women? 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Background Study 3 Comprehending the Reasons behind Gender Wage Gap 3 Conclusion 7 References 9 Introduction The literature in relation to the labour economics has been known to display quite an extended amount and degree of attention towards the assessment of the prevailing wage inequity…
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Critical Literature Review on Why is there a Gender Pay Gap Against Women
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Download file to see previous pages men as well as women. It was mentioned by Fullerton (1999) that the involvement of the female workers has been found to augment throughout the previous half century in the field of highly developed economies. The educational attainments in relation to the female gender were considered to be on the rise in addition. It was mentioned by Freeman (2004) in this regard that the in case of the United States (US), the women were believed to have surpassed the male gender in terms of education and was stated to be regarded as the learned sex from the time period of 1990s. However, regardless of the stated progresses achieved by the women in relation to their position in the labour-force and also regardless the acceptance of the “equal pay and equal pay” guidelines in numerous of the countries, women still seem to lack the amount of earning as the men (Consad Research Corporation, 2009). Background Study Comprehending the Reasons behind Gender Wage Gap It was found by Balu & Kahn (2000) from their conducted research that existence of a stable union among the wages provided to men as well as women was not an automatic factor. ...
nd in this relation that women had been disproportionately engaged with employment or in jobs that were found to entail comparatively less wages such as nurses, clerks of retail sales, teachers and nurses. In the similar way men had been involved with jobs entailing moderately increased wages such as managers, lawyers, scientists, executives, doctors and engineers. This unequal acceptance and distribution of wage has resulted in lessening the median as well as standard wages of women in comparison to that of men (Consad Research Corporation, 2009). It was identified in this context by Boraas & Rodgers (2003), Fields & Wolff (1995), Johnson & Solon (1986) and Weinberg (2007) that the chief reason triggering the disparity in terms of wage between the genders s the variations prevailing among the nature of employment with which women as well as men are characteristically recognised to be involved with. The predictable amount of the gender wage gap which has been stated to be credited to the nature of work has been found to augment consistently as the group of jobs stated above turns out to be more comprehensive and abundant (Bayard & et. al., 2003; Groshen, 1991; Sanborn, 1964). However, it was published in a report by Mulligan & Rubinstein (2008) that the difference in wages between the genders have been found to be contracting owing to the alterations in the involvement of the job structure by the female work force. It was also stated in the report that the wages with regard to the female gender recorded a soar in comparison to the opposite gender that is men as a distinction within the actions conducted by the women was identified in comparison to the earlier periods. The difference in the behaviours carried out by women was observed with regard to their respective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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