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Economic of race and gender - Essay Example

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Economic Of Race and Gender Introduction Globalization has created and maintained the growth of informal sector in most developing countries especially in Africa (Antoni & Beaten 79). These has resulted into most jobs being available only in the agricultural sector and tertiary industry that only provide poor conditions of work which includes low pay, poor health conditions and the safety of the worker is not guaranteed…
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Economic of race and gender
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Download file to see previous pages Question One Emergence of changing gender roles and family in the modern society and women are advancing in their career and taking even more challenging roles at work that were believed to be men oriented. One of the factors that have contributed a lot to the shift to the joint conjugal roles is the mobility with respect to work and career (Kirby, 54). Most of the families with one couple being challenged physically may have the man performing the housework and childcare tasks. This is because those who are disabled may not fully perform these tasks or even go to work hence the other partner will have no choice but to do these duties. However, in certain modern families, there are women going to work while the man remain in the homes to take care of the children and do the housework (Kirby, 55).. By default assumption some family set ups and communities believe that the women are supposed to perform the housework and take care of the children while the men are supposed to work and provide; food, shelter and clothing to the family (Blundell & McNeill, 65). Question Two Lack of employment in most developing countries is also a major contributor to the inequalities in the pay. Low economic growth rate accompanied by bad governance is the source of unemployment and low paid jobs in most African countries compared to Europe (Clegg 23). He also argues that there are so many people looking for few jobs and in some cases the jobs are not even there. Corruption which is rooted in these countries also denies the right persons of the opportunities in the public sector thereby leaving most skilled labor. Some of which are exported to other countries which have their own legislative restrictions and therefore they encounter discrimination in those jobs. Question Three Discrimination against the tribes and races also contributes to the differences in the pay even if two different people working in different nations or in the same nation have the same qualifications (Blau & Winkler, 243). It is common to find that international companies which have gone global in terms of their operations do not provide similar work conditions for their employees. You find that a marketing manager for the Coca-Cola Company is paid higher in the United States of America than in South Africa. Even though the differences may be attributed to by the kind of profits that is realized and the size of the market that one has to capture as a manager, the differences are relatively not realistic. The variation in the pay is seen across all the nations across the world. However, there is a pattern for the relatively low pay for women in all the nations. Question Four Family serves as an economic unit since it constitutes members who determine the highest level of satisfaction that they can derive from different activities. The family provides the education and other important services in the process of raising the members of the society. It is therefore noticeable that the family plays an important role in determining the structure of employment in the overall economy. Discrimination in the pay that begins from the family persists in the society. The traditional roles of women and other discrimination with respect to the education of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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