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Ethics - Assignment Example

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ETHICS Nursing is an extremely caring profession that requires the unflinching kindness and sacrifice of self comforts in order to attend the patients properly for their complete convalescence. Hence, nurses have to perform their duties and obligations in a professional manner according to the qualification and training they have received, and they have to stick to the prescription the patients have got from doctor, and cannot deviate from it by counseling the patients out of their own…
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Download file to see previous pages Inevitably, these factors embrace life-sustaining therapies. (Helm, 1984: 755) The same is applied in the cases under study: Assignment 1: The contemporary world has witnessed the attack of new and fatal diseases, which has forced the medical scientists to devise medicines in order to combat with such diseases. These include HPV, HIV, hepatitis and others. HPV (human papillomavirus) is, like HIV, a contagious disease and is common all over the world. However, its treatment is extremely expensive. Since the infection spreads due to extra marital sexual relationships and sexual intercourse, the deontological ethical code condemns it and lays stress upon the observing of moral values for the prevention of sexual diseases. Hence, it views high price of the remedy and treatment for sexually contagious diseases. It is therefore it does not look for the decrease in the price of such medicines. However, utilitarian school of thought vehemently supports such acts and behavior that provide gratification to individuals provided it does not harm or hurt the others. Hence, utilitarians are of the opinion that the remedy for sexually transmitted diseases must also be economical and easily available. Hence, there are two schools of thoughts that lay influence upon the promotion of government interventions in social, cultural and health conditions. These are Evangelicals (or deontological) and the Utilitarians. Utilitarianism is sociological school of thought where works and ideas of renowned political scientist and lawyer Jeremy Bentham maintain lion’s share. The idea looks for the concept of the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people. Renowned English theorist J.S. Mill also serves as the arch-supporter of utilitarian school of thought and is of the opinion that every man’s act must provide maximum pleasures for the others. And if an act is not damaging the interests of others, the society should not create impediments on the way to seeking pleasure. He stands for the qualitative separation of happiness and considers moral and intellectual pleasure superior to physical pleasures. “The greatest happiness principle has had a large share in forming the moral doctrines even of those who even more scornfully reject its authority.” (Mill, 1863:8) Hence, utilitarian approach looks for reducing the cost for the treatment of HPV, to make it affordable as the medicines for HIV treatment are economical and affordable. Since society must be healthy and fit, it should be allowed to get into pleasure seeking activities provided they are not harming the other members of society. On the contrary, deontological school of thought is of the view that the infectious diseases including HPV, HIV and others are transmitting the fatal disease to others; they are putting the life of others in grave jeopardy. Hence, if people are aware of the high price of the medicine, they would start avoiding the sexual activity without using contraception including condoms, loops and others. Assignment 2: Since Howard has arrived at the clinic for treatment, he must be provided with the adequate medical advice. Consequently, the nurse should certainly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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