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Legal aspect - Essay Example

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Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Name Institution Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing 1. What type of legal and ethical responsibilities did the nurses have to this patient? One of the most difficult things for nurses is that everything they do is not always in the best interest of their patients…
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Legal aspect
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Download file to see previous pages They include autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, veracity, confidentiality, justice, and fidelity. Based on the case before us, the nurses had the ethical responsibility of providing safe, compassionate, and competent care to the patient (Storch, Rodney, and Starzomski, 2004). In this regard, it was the responsibility of nurses to ensure that the patient is provided with the necessary treatments and care to ensure his well-being. In fact, the patient also has the right to receive treatment from nurses regardless of their status or situation. Therefore, it was the obligation of the nursing staff to ensure that the right of the patient is protected. The nurses were also under the ethical responsibility to preserve the dignity of the patient. This included the duty of providing the necessary support to ensure the patient’s dignity and integrity is maintained, according to Storch, Rodney, and Starzomski (2004). In the case before us, the patient had the right to be provided with the necessary care such as ensuring his cleanliness and well-being is assured. This includes being cleaned and turned on bed periodically to ensure his dignity is not compromised. The nurses were also under an ethical obligation to promote justice of the patient (American Nurses Association, 2006). ...
Further, the nurses had the ethical responsibility of ensuring that the privacy and confidential information pertaining to the patient are maintained, according to the American Nurses Association (2006). In this regard, the nurses were expected to ensure that any confidential information pertaining to the patient is only used for the purpose for which it is meant. Therefore, they should ensure that private and confidential information is not divulged to the public without the consent of the patient. 2. Was there a deviation from the standards of care in this instance? Explain. The case before us showed a deviation from a number of standards of care expected of the nurses in discharge of their duties. Firstly, the case manifests a deviation from the nurses’ ethical duty to provide safe, compassionate, and competent care. This is evident from the fact that the nurses at the hospital failed to ensure that the patient received the quality care. According to Mrs. O’Hara’s family, their patient died because of the nurses failed to administer the care and treatment expected. The fact that the 86-year old man laid on the bed without assistance from nurses is a clear proof of the deviation of this standard of care. The case also shows a deviation from the ethical responsibility of protecting the dignity of the patient. Every patient has a right to receive the necessary support from the health care providers such as being given the opportunity to bath and the turned on the bed in case the patient is too weak to do so by himself or herself (Burkhardt and Nathaniel, 2002). The case before us, however, shows clearly that the nurse charged with the responsibility of providing such a support failed to do so. As claimed by Mrs. O’Hara’s family, the 86-year old patient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legal Aspect Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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...and number: submitted: Legal aspect of nursing and the Ethics of nursing Healthcare providers (Nurses, physician, and physician assistants) have tremendous responsibilities. It is tremendously vital for a nurse to be aware of the lawful aspects that supplement delivery of care in the industry of healthcare. Nowadays it is evident that the more negligence cases in the healthcare field, the few individuals who are willing to join the nursing field due to panic of lawful implications and invincible suits that rise during the delivery of nursing services to the patient (Barbara, and Phillips, 2013). Therefore, the law of nursing is meant to aide nurses in making decisions in order to prevent...
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Legal aspect of nursing

...Legal aspect of nursing The healthcare sector is currently put under legal focus so that the lives of patients can be saved from unlawful conduct of the nurses and other healthcare givers. There are a number of illegal actions of the health professionals that can only be tamed by strict adherence to the law. The case involving Jones and the hospital staff is one among many others that have always raised concern on the role of nurses and clinicians in safeguarding the life of patients. There are various tortuous liabilities that commonly brush the healthcare professionals in line of duty and this has always generated a heated legal battle between them and the clients...
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...?Legal aspects of nursing affiliation: legal aspects of nursing What principles of protecting patient safety are involved in this case? The principles of Negligence and malpractice are involved in this case. Negligence or breach of duty is the failure of an individual to give appropriate care to someone else in a situation where rationally they should. Malpractice involves a professional individual expressing an improper discharge of their responsibility which may result in damage or harm to another individual (deWit, 2001). On admission it was clear that Mr. Garcia case required delicate and intense care from the hospital and its staff. After the patient admitted he was thinking of harming himself, it was prudent he was offered... to kill...
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...Legal Aspect of Nursing Data from the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) indicates that each year more nurses are ending up as defendants in lawsuits concerning negligence and malpractice[Cro03]. All nurses or any other professional needs to pay attention to actions, practices or routines that may end up making them susceptible to cases of malpractice or negligence. On average it becomes difficult to differentiate cases of negligence from cases of malpractice. According to Stubenrauch (2007) when a professional causes negligent act then it becomes a malpractice, however not all cases of malpractice result from negligence. The important fact that most professionals ought to understand is that; in...
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...? Ethics: Legal aspects of nursing Ethics: Legal aspects of nursing The ethics committee has a crucial responsibility of resolving the ethical dilemma surrounding the case of Mr. Ignacio Suarez. Mr. Suarez was diagnosed with renal disease and is in the kidney transplant waiting list. Recently the patient has suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in the course of dialysis treatment. This has left him aphasic with right sided hemiplegia. Fortunately, there is a kidney available and the patient can undergo a kidney transplant. Evidently, Mr. Suarez is in a very critical health state and this casts doubt over his eligibility as a kidney transplant recipient. The physician is...
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...?Legal Aspect of Consent in Nursing Nurses are required to obtain the consent of the patient before invoking any medical intervention otherwise suchan act would be seen as assault and battery. The law requires that nurses obtain explicit consent from a patient who fulfils certain conditions so that the nurses are clear from blame. In case that explicit consent is not available, implied consent or authorisation by primary care givers can be utilised. Legal stipulations require that nurses need to acquire consent before any major medical procedures are carried out. Legally, a person should be in senses, of the legal age of consent and able to form decisions if they are to provide consent. However, it may not be possible... consent is...
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...Legal Aspect of Transsexuals Yvonne L. Academia Research The laws on equal protection have seen the rise of sexual orientation issues and the rights of transsexuals and/or trans gender. In light of the struggles of these gender minorities pertaining to their gender category and sexuality, legal remedies emerged as a focal point for argument in these battles. This paper shall discuss the legal aspect and issues with remedies concerning current transsexual arguments that are popularly litigated or otherwise decided in court. Introduction The rebirth of the feminist movement some 30 years ago gave birth to the process of definite homosexual...
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...and illnesses by encouraging the employers to develop a culture of health and safety in the workplace rather than viewing the need to maintain a safe workplace as only a requirement by law. Voluntary Protection Programs Act is an important program in reducing workplace related injuries and illnesses as it seeks to encourage effective relationship between employers and OSHA based on a voluntary commitment to workplace safety. 3. Leading indicator Leading indicator is commonly used in economics and it refers to a proceeding economic aspect that takes place before an overall economy shapes towards a particular trend. In other words, it may refer to a specified activity whose initial occurrence can be used to forecast a...
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Legal Aspect of Nursing

...step to ensure that the patient receives treatment in another hospital. Having done the x-ray on the patient, the physician should have done minor treatment instead of giving sedatives only. Part c The court would rule against the hospital and physician. The care standard that was given to the patient is below standard. If the hospital had attended to the patient on time, there would not be any complications on the patient. In the case of Hall v. Arthur, the United States court of appeal upheld a trial court decision, which held the hospital liable due to nurse’s breach of standard of care in anterior disketomy and fusion. In the case, Mr. Hall argument focused on the orthoblock used in the surgery. After four months, the patient...
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