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How We Ourselves Are Destroying the Planet and Future Ways to Prevent Such - Research Paper Example

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How we are destroying the earth and what we can do to prevent it How we are destroying the earth and what we can do to prevent it “Mankind is systematically destroying the sensitive ecosystems which support life on earth. To date, very little effort is being made to stop and correct the damage being done” (Butisingh, 2008)…
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How We Ourselves Are Destroying the Planet and Future Ways to Prevent Such
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"How We Ourselves Are Destroying the Planet and Future Ways to Prevent Such"

Download file to see previous pages For example, smoke and dusts coming out of motor vehicles, e-wastes, nuclear wastes, chemicals like DDT, pesticides etc are examples of manmade environmental hazards whereas floods, cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays etc are some of the naturally occurring incidents which destroy our earth. Nuclear waste disposal is another thing which destroys our earth. Destruction of forests for heavy industrialization and injudicious industrial procedures are some other factors which give momentum to the destruction of our earth or environment. It is difficult for us to take drastic steps for the protection of our earth even though we talk loudly about the necessities of protecting our environment. In simple terms, protection of earth means allowing all natural things to remain as it is. But it is impossible for us to avoid the facilities offered by heavy industrialization. Nobody would like to walk 10 kilometers instead of using a taxi in the name of environmental or earth protection. However, it is an accepted fact that earth may not survive longer periods if we continue our selfish activities as we do at present. This paper briefly analyses the ways in which we destroy our environment and the possible solutions to avoid the destruction of earth. ...
Human has realized the importance of forests in keeping a balanced climate on earth only in the recent times. Trees absorb the dangerous carbon dioxide from atmosphere and liberate more useful oxygen to the atmosphere. For sustaining life on earth, the percentage of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere should obey certain ratio. Trees, which helped us to keep the balance between the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, faced heavy destruction in the recent past and from there onwards the destruction of the earth started. Nuclear waste disposal is another way of destruction of earth. Nuclear wastes or Radioactive wastes are normally classified as low-level, medium-level or high-level wastes, according to the amount and types of radioactivity in them (Waste Management, 2007). It may contain harmful radiations like alpha, beta and gamma which can penetrate deep in to our skin and create lot of health problems. Safe disposal of radioactive waste is a major problem faced by the current world. Because of the extended life and the deep penetrating power, it is suicidal to dispose radioactive wastes on earth. Reports from the European press states that Soviet Union is secretly dumping nuclear reactors and radioactive waste into the bordering seas (Rao,n.d, p.1). In other words, prominent countries are disposing nuclear wastes in the proximity of their enemy countries as a strategy to cause problems to the enemy country. Such tactics are not only causing problems to the innocent people, but also to the living things as a whole. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) came up with a scheme for sending radioactive waste into this heliocentric ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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