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Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth - Assignment Example

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Although the plot of the essay is somewhat fictional in its setting, the facts to be presented must be based on truth. Therefore, the main purpose of…
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Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth
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Extract of sample "Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth"

Is Earth A Religious Planet? [Academic Level] This paper is intended to present an examination whether humans in general are considered to be religious in the eyes of God. Although the plot of the essay is somewhat fictional in its setting, the facts to be presented must be based on truth. Therefore, the main purpose of this discussion is to give the real scenario or characteristics of a religious society based on some principles or set of standards. Weighing the real sense of being religious against the real characteristics of humans based on their behavior towards their home planet in general, will it appear that humans on planet earth are really religious? Or, generally speaking, is planet earth a religious planet?
Is Earth a Religious Planet?
The physical universe displays evidence of a mathematical precision and order. This order is based on universal laws that govern the physical phenomena in the whole universe designed by an intelligent supreme authority, the Creator of all things. He ideally designed every part of these thousands of systems that cooperate with each other to keep His living creatures alive. For countless millions of years, the gravitational force of the sun has held all the planets in stable orbits. However, considering the possibility of man’s ruining or destroying the Earth by his own folly, the universal order that governs the whole universe might as well be disturbed thereby affecting our lives from other planets.
Sadly, the current Earth’s rising temperature may pose alarming threats to this universal order as it already damaged the Earth’s ozone layer, which causes climate change. Concurrent climate change has resulted in destructive extreme weather which includes droughts, heavy precipitation, heat waves and hurricanes worldwide. An article reports that “it is very possible that we could see more instances of ozone depletion in the coming year as greenhouse gases emissions continue, causing increased tropospheric heat and more stratospheric cooling” (Daniel & Byrd, 2011).
According to human report, such catastrophes have taken place through excessive deforestation, uncontrolled pollution of the atmosphere and spoiling of the waterways. In fact, research of the University of East Anglia declares that “China’s groundwater irrigation system is responsible for polluting the atmosphere with more than 30 million tons of CO2 per year” (Saini, n.d.), making China the largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. This is evidently one example of how human is ruining the Earth’s environment and ecosystem.
But the big question is why do humans have to ruin their planet? Based on my analysis, “greed” and “selfishness” are most likely the possible intentional motives behind these circumstances. The greedy pursuit of large scale capitalists for more profits even at the expense of apparently destroying the planet Earth and all life along with it is the leading participant. Next, the government leaders, who are supposed to act as defenders of the Earth, ignore and tolerate the greedy capitalists in their activities that precipitate global warming, pollution and worsening poverty mainly because of their selfish interest in acquiring financial support from them in their political campaigns in exchange of their tolerance (Jesustians, 2005). Greed and selfishness are wicked attitudes that originate from Satan that induced him to rebel and become disrespectful to God’s authority. Since greed and selfishness empower the majority of humankind that makes them ruin the Earth, generally speaking, this is a clear manifestation that the planet Earth is not a religious planet.
Religion is defined in Collins English Dictionary (n.d.) as a worship and act of obedience to a supernatural power that is considered to be divine or the one having control of human destiny, thus, the Creator. Yes, religious mankind must show obedience and respect to God and His creation. Thus, ruining the Earth is surely a disrespectful act in the eyes of God, one way of disobeying him. Rather than be appreciative to His wonderful provision of the planet Earth, in general, human show disrespect by ruining it mainly because of greed and selfish interest. Their disrespectful attitude is also an expression of rebellion, the very opposite of obedience. As humans tend to ruin the Earth, they do not respect and recognize God’s authority as a Creator of the Earth and the whole universe. Humans may appear to be religious in many ways but analyzing the real definition of religion, it appears that their reputation of being religious is only a form of hypocrisy. As long as they do not protect and treasure their planet, they are not truly religious according to its real sense. God, as the Creator of Earth and all the things in the universe, must surely feel regretful in what humans are doing with their home, the planet Earth.

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