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Interview a woman or girl of a different generation - Research Paper Example

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Social researches identify the reality that every society has been divided into groups, the communities and classes since the known history. This social division of individuals is based on their castes, creed, ethnicity, race, region, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, occupation and socioeconomic status. …
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Interview a woman or girl of a different generation
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Download file to see previous pages People visit and settle in London for employment, business, health and education purposes. Keeping in view all these issues, I have conducted an interview of my colleague named Moona, a married working Egyptian Muslim lady of forty one years, who has been settled in the UK as immigrant for the last five years, and is leading a prosperous life in the vicinity of London city. The selection of the lady was made in order to compare and contrast the socio-cultural and religious beliefs as well as views and opinions on multiple issues with those followed and adopted by me. I am a young British university graduate of 23 years, and follow Christianity as my faith; I selected one of my colleagues for the interview. Since both Christianity and Islam seek inspiration from Abrahamic mythology, it was really wonderful to explore the commonalities and differences between the followers of these two religions. Being a professional social researcher, I assured confidentiality to the interviewee, while my communication with her. I had invited the interviewee in the restaurant at the bank of the romantic and calm Thames River in order to make the meeting remarkable and fantastic. I have named the interviewee as Moona in order to conceal her real identity. The interview was conducted in a highly friendly, amiable and pleasant environment, and the interviewee shared all her joys, sorrows and beliefs without any hesitation or hurdle. Though, I knew Moona for the last three years, yet we had never tried to explore very personal issues in past. However, during the interview, I found her as a highly sophisticated, well-mannered, well-groomed and polite lady. Here are the important findings of the interview: We had planned to meet at restaurant to give vent to our ideas and beliefs. At first, I paid my sincere thanks to her for sparing some moments from her precious time for the interview. Then I enquired her how did she feel about being a female both in the conservative Egyptian as well as the insecure ultra modern British society, as she belonged to the Muslim family of North Africa. She also thanked me for inviting her to dinner and discussion related to multiculturalism, which was also a topic of great interest for. She regarded being a woman as something pleasant and unpleasant equally. She admitted that Cairo was aptly regarded to be the Paris of Africa due to its modernity and being contiguous to Southern Europe, yet the girls underwent several restrictions in respect of moving freely in the male-dominating society. She informed me that there existed some proportion of conservative Christian and Muslim families in Egypt, which did not approve publically intermixing of boys and girls, and condemns and censures male-female joint sittings, studies and social interaction at large. They refuted European life style altogether, and declared it against their religious, social and cultural ideology. Hence, she had been brought up under several restrictions as soon as she entered her teen-age, as she was not allowed to travel alone even to her school and to relatives and friends. Somehow, she also found life in London as very challenging for the woman folk, and insecurity often haunted women in all parts of England. I asked her whether ever had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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