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Food win and cutler in California - Essay Example

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Name of of Institute: Name of Food, Wine & Culture in California PHASE I Interview with a person from Guatemala: Q: What are the foods that people in Guatemala usually eat, or is indicative or your culture? A: The popular Guatemalan foods include jocon (a green colour soup), pepian (a red sauce eaten with meat and rice), tamales as well as enchiladas…
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Food win and cutler in California
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"Food win and cutler in California"

Download file to see previous pages Q: Are there any set rule of table etiquettes? A: No, as long as you’re not eating with hands or in an uncivilised manner it’s fine. Q: Does Guatemalan food have any therapeutic uses? A: Not really, Guatemala is a third-world country. People are lucky to barely feed their families. However, old men sometimes consume roots in order to increase their sexual prowess. Q: Does the Guatemalan culture affect the food that you eat or the way you eat it? A: Food unifies the Guatemalans. It is always very family-oriented. Q: What are your meal cycles? A: Guatemalans eat three times a day, with breakfast or dinner being their heaviest meals. Q: How does food vary on special occasions or celebrations? A: Guatemalans celebrate Independence Day as well as Christmas and Easter, and at these occasions candied fruit as well as tamales are served with punch. Interview with a person from California: Q: What foods do people in California usually eat, or is indicative or their culture? A: Food in the US is very diverse. The popular items for people in California include donuts, fast food (pizza, burgers, sandwiches etc.), corn as well as fresh fruit. However, there are no set foods that are indicative of this culture. People here admire diversity in their cuisine, however due to their lifestyle it is convenient to eat out or consume frozen meals. Q: Are there any set rules or table etiquettes? A: No, Americans use fork and knives when necessary. However, several foods like pizza are eaten with hand. Q: Does the food have any therapeutic uses? A: To my knowledge, no it doesn’t. Q: Does your culture affect the way you eat food or how it is prepared? A: Yes, because we’re always on the go, families don’t usually have time to eat together. Also, it is more convenient to grab a takeaway rather than cooking a meal at home. Q: What are your meal cycles? A: We eat three times a day; however there may be several snacks in between. Q: How does food vary on special occasions or celebrations? A: Turkey is served on thanksgiving, and on Christmas cookies as well as desserts are common. Most Americans love to go out to eat on special occasions. PHASE II I. Guatemala is a country which does not have a national dish; however there are several foods that have now taken a position as a portion of the everyday diet. Similar to the times of the Mayans, corn maintains its position as a staple food in Guatemala; hence it can be termed as the core food of the country. It is more or less always eaten in the form of a tortilla, or a thin corn pancake, served warm wrapped inside a cloth (Fodor's Travel Publications, 1999). Another Mayan essential are the black beans (frijoles) that are consumed in almost every meal and have a place in their staple diet. Hence, these can also be termed as the core or primary food in Guatemala. These can typically be refried (volteados), squashed, or basically eaten fully( parados). Rice, eggs, as well as cheese are also widely eaten in Guatemala and form a part of their primary foods (Let's Go Publications, 2000). Moreover, recently characteristic Spanish dishes, in the form of enchiladas, tamales, guacamoleand tortillas, have paved their way into the Guatemalan diet. These can be included in the periphery foods. In addition, several countries and their cultures have also had an effect on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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