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The Moral Rightness Of The Suggestion To Sterilize Women - Case Study Example

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This paper "The Moral Rightness Of The Suggestion To Sterilize Women" discusses the following issue: a number of defective children are born annually, while practice shows that there are certain risk groups of women with the increased probability of giving birth to a child with congenital defects…
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The Moral Rightness Of The Suggestion To Sterilize Women
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Extract of sample "The Moral Rightness Of The Suggestion To Sterilize Women"

Download file to see previous pages  These are, of course, HIV-positive women, for they can transmit HIV to their children, marginalized groups such as drug and alcohol addicts, and prostitutes engaging in multiple unsafe sexual contacts and face rather frequent cases of an unplanned pregnancy. Birth of defective children imposes numerous difficulties of the society: 1) these children are often abandoned by their mothers (especially when they are heavily disabled), 2) responsibility for care falls on the government, i.e. the state that, in its turn, collects taxes from the population to provide financial aid to orphanages for disturbed children. Moreover, congenital defects often lead to the life-long disability with the individual being unable to be useful for society and being permanently supported by the state. The suggested solution to be discussed is sterilizing women belonging to the groups of risk, making the procedure either obligatory or optional and presupposing certain financial encouragement, as it was described in the book of Michael Sandel.

Firstly, it would be reasonable to clarify the aspects of morality in decisions Kant and Mills imply in their theoretical frameworks. Involving many participants, effects and outcomes, the suggestion of sterilization is complex and requires careful analysis of both of its rationality and of moral acceptance in order to be confirmed as of right or wrong. Kant and Mill have differing views on the definition of moral actions. Kant’s categorical imperative based on the permissibility of action regardless of the results in case it is dictated to an individual by their innate morality (Swartzell). Thereby, Kant’s ethical argument implies that the decision on the moral acceptability of action should depend on the agent’s self-imposed moral laws that rely on rationality, yet are rather subjective.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Moral Rightness Of The Suggestion To Sterilize Women Case Study.
(The Moral Rightness Of The Suggestion To Sterilize Women Case Study)
The Moral Rightness Of The Suggestion To Sterilize Women Case Study.
“The Moral Rightness Of The Suggestion To Sterilize Women Case Study”.
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