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The United Nations Environmental Programme - Coursework Example

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The paper "The United Nations Environmental Programme" highlights that the major obstacle that faces UNEP in its global environmental leadership role is the lack of sufficient mechanisms for measuring, monitoring, and enforcement of agreed initiatives and conventions…
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The United Nations Environmental Programme
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Extract of sample "The United Nations Environmental Programme"

Download file to see previous pages Critics of UNEP argue that it has weak legal, political, and economic frameworks, which do not ensure strong responsibility of the organization in developing and enforcing of novel environmental policies not just at global levels, hamper its effectiveness (Armstrong, 2004:247). Furthermore, they argue that the bureaucratic nature of UNEP makes it lack the will to ensure that governments and business activities adhere to sound environmental management (Knight, 2001: ch 3). Other scholars like Moore & Pubantz (2005:ch 8) have criticized current UNEP approaches as more of scare tactics that are based on disinformation particularly from some of its non-governmental movements, such that its environment protection measures often tend to be driven by strong feelings and sensationalism rather than scientific facts. Thus, the aim of this paper is to evaluate the extent to which UNEP has been effective in its mission to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment. This paper seeks to show how UNEP mission to offer leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment is hampered by the lack of strong legal and regulatory instruments, coupled with the clash between sovereignty, corporate interests, and civil society demands.
During the early years after its formation, UNEP played a critical leadership role in the development of international environmental governance. The agency has often initiated and catalyzed not just global but national environmental concerns by raising popular awareness through education and acting as a facilitator. UNEP has constantly engaged with numerous global accounting and investment bodies in coming up with integrated environmental reporting measures along with indicators, which reflect the main resource utilization risks, that individual nations face (Brown & Jensen, 2009: 28). The organization has been the major driving force for private sectors across the globe to engage in sustainable investments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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