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Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are hazardous air pollutants that include aerosols, asbestos, carbon monoxide released from gas fumes, dust gas fumes, paints, soot, and other resultant compounds such as decane, heptane, ethylbenzene and nonane (Gibson et al 5). Carbon is a…
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Volatile organic compounds/ soot hair spray
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Biology Volatile Organic Compounds Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are hazardous air pollutants that include aerosols, asbestos, carbon monoxide released from gas fumes, dust gas fumes, paints, soot, and other resultant compounds such as decane, heptane, ethylbenzene and nonane (Gibson et al 5). Carbon is a major constituent of most organic compounds, which has venomous effects on the ozone layer.
2. People mostly stay indoors, where there is a higher air pollution concentration than outdoors. Emissions from volatile organic compounds encountered in everyday life have a direct relation to human respiratory problems. Hair spray is a commonly used product that is in direct contact with air (Cortez 1). Proper ventilation can significantly reduce the negative effects of VOCs (Binggeli 1).
3. The effects on human health range from minor complications such as migraines to life-threatening consequences such as kidney diseases (Hill 136). Apart from harming humans through Bronchial, chronic coughing and breathing complications, the compounds have deleterious environmental impacts. Aerosol sprays emit VCOs that trigger ground-level ozone levels and promote asthma-inducing smog (Cortez 1).
4. Governments have been significantly involved in the control of VOCs through creation of pertinent laws, regulations, and rules. They issue permits, perform air quality monitoring, and supervise vehicle emission testing programs. Federal regulations ensure there are no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), or other forms of ozone-depleting chemicals in commercially produced aerosol products.
5. According to WHO (world health organization), air quality is a significant factor that has global ramifications on animal health, welfare, and climate. WHO categorizes VOCs and their generic families as any organic compounds boiling between 240-260 °C up to 380-400 °C (European Chemical Industry Council).
6. The United Nations Environmental Programme believes that VOCs are responsible for cancerous effects (UNEP). In addition, some of the components of VOCs inhibit, such as ethylene, inhibits the growth of plants (Crespo, Graus, Gilman, Lerner, Fall, Harren, Warneke 67)
7. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instituted several stern regulations to reduce the discharge of VOCs. In addition, it standardizes the amount of VOC that used in different products through stringent regulations (ISSA 2).
8. Researchers are involved in formulating appropriate measures to control the effects of VOCs. According to the Solvents Emissions Directive, VOCs are “any organic compound having at 20 °C a vapor pressure of 0.01 kPa or more or having a corresponding volatility under the particular conditions of use” (European Chemical Industry Council). Researchers ensure that only clean chemicals are used in the production of aerosols and other products. According to Cortez, the eradication of chlorofluorocarbons in the manufacturing process is ninety percent complete.
9. It is necessary to promote an environment that has clean air and clean water. Personal choices determine whether that is achievable. It all starts with an individual’s decision to understand the nature of VOCs and the risks they present to humans and the environment.
10. Several actions are at hand to repair this pollution. Government regulations, the UN, EPA, and other researchers aim to make positive and noticeable progress in cleaning the surrounding air. Relevant authorities ensure that the manufacture of aerosols such as hair sprays is without chemicals that have minimal impact on the environment.
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