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Is Environment a Source of International Conflicts - Coursework Example

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The author of the paper titled "Is Environment a Source of International Conflicts" highlights some of the main environmental factors that can cause conflicts between states. The author of the paper also uses historic examples to validate the content. …
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Is Environment a Source of International Conflicts
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Extract of sample "Is Environment a Source of International Conflicts"

Download file to see previous pages When we talk about the environment as a source of international conflict, we are actually pointing towards different types of environments, such as, military, economic, and political environments that cause disputes and conflicts between countries. History reveals many environmental factors that have given rise to a number of international conflicts. Some of those factors were based on political and geographical environments, whereas some factors were based on the lack of natural resources which are the essentials of life. 

“History shows many instances in which scarce resources and environmental degradation played a role in generating conflict and leading even to collapses of societies and civilizations” (Ehrlich, Gleick & Conca 2000). The history of environment-based international conflicts dates back to the start of civilization when countries having strong military power used to conquer relatively weak areas of the world to build their empires. As Austin and Bruch (2000, p. 1) state, “For centuries, military commanders have deliberately targeted the environment, seeking to obtain any possible advantage over their adversaries”. Some of the famous examples of invasion from the earliest history include the Persian invasion of Greece, Macedonian invasions, Mongol invasions, and Timurid invasion. At that time, the main source of power was a strong army that countries used to use to defeat weak enemies.

A strong military environment was considered a symbol of power. However, with the passage of time, the world developed much faster than earlier and every country started developing a strong army to protect its boundaries. Such an approach by countries raised geographical environment based conflicts between countries. The issues of land ownership raised because of forceful conquer of weak states which gave rise to complex international disputes, such as, Palestine-Israel conflict, Pakistan-India conflict based on Kashmir territory, and Iraq-Kuwait conflict.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is Environment a Source of International Conflicts Coursework - 1.
(Is Environment a Source of International Conflicts Coursework - 1)
Is Environment a Source of International Conflicts Coursework - 1.
“Is Environment a Source of International Conflicts Coursework - 1”.
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