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A Conflict Over a Multi-Source Context - Essay Example

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Discussion on whether or not the planning staff considered the air emission problem ‘out of context’The phrase ‘out of context’ means ignoring the general meaning of something to assign unnecessary meaning or importance to a section of it…
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A Conflict Over a Multi-Source Context
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Download file to see previous pages With regards to this case, I think the planning staff did not consider the air emission exposure problem ‘out of context’ because they argue that air emission will be offset by greener alternative fuels, and shorter idling times for ships, since traffic congestion in the ports will be reduced as a result of the expansion. On the other hand, when considering total emissions, the citizen groups could be right to say that the planning staff considered the air emission problem ‘out of context’ because air emissions analysis attributed to the ports should consider total emissions, and not exclusively air emissions attributed to the proposed port expansion. Although marine ports are frequently linked to heavy industrial operations, they are normally located in or very close to residential communities or to environmentally sensitive estuaries. Various negative environmental consequences that generally result include air pollution from operations of the port, degradation, or loss of wetlands, fisheries destruction, and contamination from storm water. Wastewater discharges; severe congestion of traffic; cultural resources’ loss; contamination of water and soil from leaking pipelines and storage tanks; air discharged from chemical storage; and hazardous and solid waste generation as well as soil erosion and runoff. (Moretti, Neidell & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2009). There is a lot of proof that the 30,000 everyday cargo trucks that pull the containers of shipping from the ports contribute significantly to air pollution along the streets and freeways in the region around the harbor and throughout Southern California (South Coast AQMD, 2000). 2. Discussion on who should take the lead to adequately respond to the problem. When considering who should take lead to respond to this problem, I think both parties should handle the issue. This is because marine ports within the United States are considered the major economic activity hubs and leading sources of pollution (Moretti, 2009). Since ports operation affect human health, the health department should be involved in this case; and likewise to the planning staff because they need to consider the measure of pollution prevention. Since the ports are undergoing expansion to accommodate greater volumes of cargo, the international trade growth has led to related rapid development in the quantity of goods that are being shipped through sea (Sharpsteen, 2011). Regardless of the enormous development in the sector of the marine shipping, most prevention efforts of pollution need to be tackled at the federal, state, and local level and this involve both the planning staff and the health department (Moretti, Neidell & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2009). Huge ships with engines that run on the dirtiest fuel, hundreds of diesel truck visits each day, hauling cargo, and marine ports activities bring about various environmental effects that may possibly affect local communities as well as the environment. These impacts vary from soaring risk of disease, like cancer or respiratory disease, to rises in water quality degradation, regional smog, and the blight of public and local communities’ lands (Moretti, Neidell & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2009). 3. The importance of engaging and understanding the position of the various stakeholders in this case Engaging various stakeholders in this case is important because the issue affects the wider community. For the policymakers, ports need to implement various regulatory and policy actions required to protect the environment and human health from the high-polluting activities at the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Conflict Over a Multi-Source Context Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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