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Commercial Whaling - Lack of Suitable Policy - Essay Example

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This paper "Commercial Whaling - Lack of Suitable Policy" focuses on the fact that human society has developed certain laws and regulations over time in order to protect the survival of the human race. These regulations protect the long term peace and a semblance of society. …
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Commercial Whaling - Lack of Suitable Policy
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Extract of sample "Commercial Whaling - Lack of Suitable Policy"

Download file to see previous pages The apathy of human beings regarding animal right preservation is a serious issue. Commercial whaling is an example of human apathy towards well being of animals. Commercial Whaling is a serious problem today, as many species are getting extinct, and lack of suitable policies by the International Whaling Commission is a major hurdle in protecting whales. There is a need of incentive-based policy framework to stop the unsustainable killing of whales globally and the implementation of this policy is also important. In this essay policies will be proposed with regards to the regulation of commercial whaling and possible issues in the implementation of those policies will also be discussed. Dangers of whaling and how lack of policy has failed to curb commercial whaling will also be elaborated.

Whales have been hunted for thousands of years for meat and oil. They are easy targets for people as they serve two very important purposes. The meat of whales can be sold anywhere and at the same time oil can be extracted from their bodies. The oil that is extracted from whales is known as whale oil or train oil. Whale oil was historically used as candle wax and food and later on it was also used to make margarine and protect steel. Today whale oil is not commercially used anywhere in the world as it is not viable and other alternatives are available. But whaling continues to be a problem as hunting of whales for meat is still prevalent in coastal regions all over the globe.

Commercial whaling is a problem because the animal is getting extinct in many parts of the world. The killing of any animal for food consumption is not a problem but this should be done in a sustainable way. Unfortunately, this is not the case with whaling and countries are killing all species of whales in large number for their own good. The human greed has today taken overall measures of whale protection and whaling has become an industry for many economies. Systematic killings of whales will surely be making them extinct in years to come.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Commercial Whaling - Lack of Suitable Policy Essay.
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