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Environmental Analysis is an Appreciation of an Organisations Activities - Research Paper Example

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This study is initiated to investigate the impact of environmental features on Cheshire Neighbours credit union success when compared to its competitors. Using Porters Five forces framework, the PESTLE framework, the SWOT matrix and the core competencies Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union was analysed…
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Environmental Analysis is an Appreciation of an Organisations Activities
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Download file to see previous pages Today’s business environment has increasingly become more turbulent, chaotic and challenging. To survive in this environment, it is vital that a firm can do something better than its competitors ( Wonglimpiyarat 2004:1). Globalisation has not only altered the nature and the intensity of competition but has had to dictate and shape organisations in terms of what consumers want, how and when they want it and what they are prepared to pay for it (Hagan 1996:1). Kanter (1995:71) on his work of “Mastering Change” argues that success in the present day business is not for those companies that re-engineer the way they do things, or for those fixing the past. According to Kanter (1995), such an action will not constitute an adequate response. This is so because success is based on an organisation’s ability to create, rather than predict the future by developing those products that will literally transform the way the world thinks and view itself and the needs (Kanter 1995:71). In business, environmental analysis is an appreciation of an organisations activities vis-à-vis its environment (Lin& Lee 2006). Such analysis has become imperatively necessary in the light of increasing competition as a present, subsequent operations and strategies direction will be dependent on the result (Lin& Lee 2006). According to Wikipedia, it is a process by which a business gathers information from the environment to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. This paper uses some of the above frameworks to gather information about Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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