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The Ethics of Mountaintop Removal - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "The Ethics of Mountaintop Removal" suggests that the strict regulations be enacted and enforced on how the companies should responsibly dispose of their wastes in a way that does not affect the neighboring communities’ lives…
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The Ethics of Mountaintop Removal
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Extract of sample "The Ethics of Mountaintop Removal"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, mountaintop removal is associated with the destruction of the physical environment for the surrounding communities which minimizes on the overall good done to the neighboring communities. Human beings generally love the aesthetic view of their surroundings which makes them feel happy about what they see around (Camacho, 2010). Mountaintop removal while mining coal, however, destroys this aesthetic view by deforestation and surface destruction among other scenery destructive activities (Mcgarvey & Johnston, 2013). In fact, deforestation in itself is responsible not only for changing the climatic conditions of an area but also affects the freshness of air that the inhabitants of the neighboring communities breathe (Zullig, M.S.P.H & Hendryx, 2011). This is with regard to the fact that vegetation is responsible for facilitating the gaseous exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. Such an interference with the natural sceneries is, therefore, an undesirable activity which remains to be a total interference to the moral and ethical standards of inhabitants of the neighboring community. Without regulation of the mining activities of companies involved in the mining of coal, it may be impossible to maximize on the principles of utilitarianism which entails creating more “good” to the community while reducing the bad effects of the mining activities in the neighborhood.
The coal industries can be considered to be more consumptive than preservative in their mining processes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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