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Interactions Between Policymakers And Scientists - Essay Example

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The paper "Interactions Between Policymakers And Scientists" analyzes the industrialization as the main factor of global warming. It also states that scientist interacting with policymakers contribute significantly to trying to find the solutions to the global warming while formulating regulations…
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Interactions Between Policymakers And Scientists
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Extract of sample "Interactions Between Policymakers And Scientists"

Download file to see previous pages The understanding of the political leaders often originates from those whom they interact with and their environment. Hence, knowledge due to scientist interacting with policymakers and politicians contribute significantly in trying to find the solutions to the global warming while formulating regulations.
Global warming brings together the policy makers and scientists who try to determine causes and possible solution. The continuous exchange of ideas between scientists and policymakers across the globe shows the urgency of the matter. Moreover, these interactions between scientists and policymakers define the types of regulations in place in trying to control climate change. Governments use many ways in an attempt to control climate change based on the scientific evidence. However, there are opposing groups of people that view climate change as a natural factor that does not require human intervention (Humphreys, Blowers, James & Jehlicka, p. 17). This contradicting opinions and uncertainty from science play a significant role in the formation of climate change policies. In the scientific context, uncertainty involves lack of understanding or measurement of something.
In the past, scientists had limited access to policymakers that deterred their interaction and exchange of ideas. The scientist had the knowledge of possible future impacts if people take no actions to limit the emission of global warming. However, the passing scientific knowledge to politicians proved challenging until the introduction of scientists in the government department. Besides, the formation of IPCC involving both policymakers and scientists increased their interaction (Humphreys, Blowers, James & Jehlicka, p. 75). There were also limitations in passing the information between the policymakers and scientists due to the language that scientist used in the description. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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