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Microbial Water Quality and Influences of Fecal Accumulation from a Dog Exercise Area - Essay Example

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Lynell and Walker’s “Microbial Water Quality and Influences of Fecal Accumulation from a dog Exercise Area” seeks to show how diseases among human beings can be caused by the animal feces that they come across through different means. Majorly, the contamination comes…
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Microbial Water Quality and Influences of Fecal Accumulation from a Dog Exercise Area
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Extract of sample "Microbial Water Quality and Influences of Fecal Accumulation from a Dog Exercise Area"

Download file to see previous pages The results obtained from the samples were keenly analyzed and evaluated to give the relevant result. Published documents were also reviewed to compare the result found with the current experiment results (Garfield and Walker, 2008).
The results found were obtained through different tools and techniques, these included sampling of the water and also an analysis of fecal accumulation and burden at different spots along the rivers and lakes. With the fecal accumulation strategy, different masses of dry feces were taken and weighed and then compared with the quantity of feces available per plot. The water sampling technique entailed sampling of the water at different points of the river and then filtering the water on specific filters to give the E.coli bacteria levels before an analysis is done on the amount of waste found in the water (Garfield and Walker, 2008). More feces were deposited at the upstream than downstream.
Simple linear regression was used for a comparison and analysis of data obtained from the water sampling technique. This was to determine the relationship between the sample of water collected and the fecal amount found. For the data obtained on the fecal E.coli burden, a correlation analysis was done to give the best result on the relationship between the two (Garfield and Walker, 2008). The result from water sampling showed a variety in correlation between the amount of fecal discharge in the upstream and downstream but did not show any correlation with the seasons (Garfield and Walker, 2008). The regression analysis however showed there was a significate rate of fecal discharge during the summer than in all other existing seasons.
Over time it was realized that the amount of feces discharge increased at a constant rate within and around the water sources. The feces of canine animals such as dogs were also found to contain a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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